10 Extraordinary Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs are known to be risk takers, visionaries, and innovative. They have traits and qualities that are unique from other people. They can change the world and touch the lives of many people through their ideas, products, and solutions. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, who wants to be successful in your business, advocacy, and in your whole life, you have to study those distinct characteristics of successful entrepreneurs that are not usually found in other people. The following are 10 extraordinary qualities of successful entrepreneurs that you should consider taking a deeper look.

1. They help people… starting from themselves

Entrepreneurs are compassionate and they love to help other people. But successful entrepreneurship doesn’t only mean helping out other people. You’ve got to start helping yourself first before you can effectively help others. Successful entrepreneurs start developing other people by developing themselves first. They develop themselves personally and professionally through training, learning and self-realization to be able to come up with a solution that would help other people. Remember that you cannot successfully love others if you don’t even love yourself.

2. They go out of their comfort zone… always

Many people are comfortable in the corporate world, being an employee who receives fixed salary. But entrepreneurs try to jump out from that comfort zone, trying to face the risks of investing their money and time on a venture that would give them uncertain income – this is the first stage of entrepreneurship. However, entrepreneurship is not all about escaping from employment and starting a business. Successful entrepreneurship is a series of going out of your comfort zone. There are times where entrepreneurs are already enjoying profit – and they tend to be comfortable with it, forgetting to risk more and grow more. Successful entrepreneurs are different. When they feel that they are already enjoying profit and becoming comfortable with it, they continue to go out in that comfort zone by finding more opportunities to grow more.

3. They put their dreams in the heart not in the mind

Every person has a dream. A dream could be powerful if we put it in our brain and align it to our goals. But a dream could be more powerful if we put it deeper in our hearts like a burning desire that we keep standing and fighting for in our life. This is one of the extraordinary qualities of successful entrepreneurs – they write their dreams, not only in their minds, but also deep within their hearts.

4. They do not really care of many failures; they care for ultimate success.

Okay, of course they care about their failures – they study and learn from them. But the extraordinary thing about entrepreneurs is that they can face, take, and endure these failures to achieve ultimate success. In other words, they can sacrifice many things (they can accept humiliation) in order to attain their longer and more permanent objectives.

5. They do not just solve todays problems but also the problems of the future

Many business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs think that they could have a profitable business by providing products and services that consumers want today, that is, hot and trending products. Well, they could be profitable but this profitability may not last long. Successful entrepreneurs are different. They are the ones who create heat and trend. They create products that shape the future. They provide solutions to people’s problems today and in the future.

6. They create what they imagine and innovate what they create

Successful entrepreneurs don’t just imagine – they create. They don’t just create – they innovate. In other words, they are not just imaginative and creative, but also innovative. That is why they can win their business competition and survive in any economic recession.

7. They admit that there are people who are better than them

They admit their weaknesses and accept that there are people who can produce better results than them. That’s why they hire employees and experts to delegate other tasks to them. Successful entrepreneurs believe in team work and collaboration. They are also leaders who know how to influence people to achieve a common goal.

8. They do not treat customers as buyers; they treat them as long-term consumers

Successful entrepreneurs don’t see customers as opportunity to make profit, but an opportunity to help and build good relationship with them. They are maybe earning a lot of money, but this fortune is only an inevitable result from consistently satisfying their customers. Extraordinary entrepreneurs don’t chase for money; they outrun it while chasing for real happiness.

9. They explore outside to see the whole picture; they explore within to see the invisible

They are open minded, adventurous and hungry for knowledge. The truly successful entrepreneurs have always a great story and experience to tell that came from their many adventures in life. They are also hungry for inner peace. That is why you can observe them speaking in wisdom and humility.

10. They are simply true to their words

Yes! For successful entrepreneurs, honesty is the best policy. Honesty is a common word, but it is actually extraordinary in reality. Honesty separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest. We are maybe in a world which is full of lies, but successful entrepreneurs remain true to their words – they fight for their convictions. This is the quality that enables them to earn trust, confidence, respect, and inspiration from people.

So… do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? What qualities above do you think you already have?

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  1. Reginald
    Reginald says:

    Hey Victorino,

    Nice write. I can’t agree more with #2. How can you call yourself an entrepreneur if you don’t step out of your comfort zone right?

    Well written and thanks for sharing!


  2. Susan Velez
    Susan Velez says:

    Hi Victorino,

    I think that with being an entrepreneur you need to learn how to fail fast. We all know that most people are going to fail when they first start.

    There’s nothing wrong with failure, as long as you learn from it. These are definitely all qualities that every entrepreneur should have. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Andreea Fanita
    Andreea Fanita says:

    I do agree with the qualities above mentioned. A leader changes himself and then starts off in the journey to conquer the world and show the change there can be.

    ”Be the change you want to be” right?

    However, I would like to bring a few additions to your article. I do not know if you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s ”Outliers” but if you did you definitely know from there that those exceptional qualities are not the all time decisive factors of success. Successful people were also a mixof luck and chance. The right people in the right moments, in the right age, in front of the right opportunity.

    Success is very complexe and cannot be totally defined. Success comes at the convergence of many factors and some of them related to the family you’ve been brought up with.

    Also I do not totally agree to this “They put their dreams in the heart, not in the mind.” Had entrepreneurs did not think at all about the market potential of their dreams, did not research and find their dreams achievable they would have been facing bankruptcy by now.

    Objectives need to be S.M.A.R.T. A stands for achievable. Entrepreneurs do have dreams but S.M.A.R.T ones.

    • Victorino Abrugar
      Victorino Abrugar says:

      Hi Andreea. Thanks for the great additional insights. I believe that when a dream goes deeper to someone’s heart, it affects a person completely and powerfully- his mind, his actions and entire life.

      • Andreea Fanita
        Andreea Fanita says:

        I am with you there but don’t you think that an entrepreneur before jumping in finds realistic ways of making his dream come true rather than just going with it?

        There are market researches, interviews conducted with the target public, analyzes to be done, a SWOT of the dream that will become a ‘product’ or a business itself.

        I agree that it starts with a spark, it takes imagination and passion to undergo all that but there is also a set of skills to apply the dream in a pragmatic way in the market.

        • Victorino Abrugar
          Victorino Abrugar says:

          #5 last sentence. – “they write their dreams, not only in their minds, but also deep within their hearts.”

          Yes, entrepreneurs should always be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) – and even SMARTER (+Evaluated and reevaluated). Entrepreneurs should always take not only risks, but also calculated risks. They are like sky divers, but they shall undergo preparation and training for sky-diving.

          Placing a dream in the heart is an additional (extra) quality of an entrepreneur – and I don’t mean taking away our smartness or intelligence. It’s just that when a dream is placed deeper in the heart it becomes a burning desire – and life becomes at stake. When life is at stake, shouldn’t we plan, prepare, train and use our brain?

          Thank you for your comments.

          • Andreea Fanita
            Andreea Fanita says:

            Thank you Victorino for your kind replies and feedback. I must say I love your answering so prompt to my questions and always by bringing back arguments.

            I do appreciate a person who knows what they’re speaking about.

            Congratulations for the article and your blog. Keep up the good work.

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