10 Ways to Make Your Business a Magnet to Customers

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When I was still new in the digital marketing world, I was a shy person who doesn’t want to contact people and ask any favor from them. I didn’t like to interrupt everyone and feel like a disturbance and a burden to them. But now, I improve a little. I’m already doing outreach and connect with the targeted people whom I believe will be interested to whatever product or brand I introduce to them. However, I still don’t want to interrupt and disturb people. That continuing desire to avoid becoming a disturbance to others has made me concentrated on inbound marketing – small business marketers sometimes called it magnet marketing.

Inbound marketing and magnet marketing both focus on attracting customers through quality products, quality conversations, quality connections, and quality conversions. Yes, it definitely focuses on quality. Unlike outbound marketing, they don’t make marketers look like stubborn and noisy people who keep on announcing their brand to anyone and everyone.

Although outbound marketing should still be a part of your marketing strategy, you have to pay attention to your inbound marketing efforts to make sure that your business will be successful in the long run. Your outbound marketing should only supplement or support your inbound marketing to make sure that when you call the attention of your customers, they won’t be disappointed rather they will be satisfied with your business and become repeat customers.

To make your brand a magnet to customers, here are 10 ways to attract customers and make them stick with your business.


1. Make your business essential

Find products for customers, not find customers for your products. Customers will always be there in the market, but the products they need and want are not always there. Thus, concentrate in creating quality products or solutions that your target market needs.

2. Get closer

Make your business discoverable or easy to be found online and offline by your existing and prospective customers. Implement search engine optimization on your company website to be more discoverable on search engines. Create engaging social media profiles to make your brand more accessible on social networks. Remember that magnet will not attract metal objects if they’re far. So you have to make actions to get closer.

3. Have affinity

Target and retarget your customers until you find the right segmentation of your market. Your target customers who share the same interest are probably living in a group or in a tribe. Find the places, online communities or associations where they hang up with each other. Join them, be helpful, and maintain good relationships. Take note that magnet will not attract papers or plastics. Thus, you have to find the place where metal objects are gathered.

4. Put a dynamo

Electric current produces magnetic field of a magnet. Hence, your business should also be energetic and dynamic. To attract customers, you have to show to them that you have a strong and serious business. Therefore, make your business legal, complete, long-term, and always ready to serve customers.

5. Give light

Educate your customers. Share words of wisdom and inspirations that will have a good impact in their lives. Furthermore, be honest and clear so that your business will not suffer from misunderstanding with customers. Remember that trust and confidence attract customers – just like a light that attracts people.

6. Shine

Do your best to make your business stand out from the crowd. Make your customers feel special. Make your customers feel like they are the luckiest customers in the world. If you can wow your customers, they would surely become loyal customers who are always magnetized by your business.

7. Stay in humility

Customers choose a business that will make them feel comfortable and secure – not humiliated and down. Hence, learn how to admit your business’ mistakes and be accountable. Be a down-to-earth business owner who can lift your customers up.

8. Save your customers

So who’s gonna call when the world is in trouble? Yes, you’re right, people call their hero. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time calling people so you can sell products to them, be their hero so that they will be the ones calling you. To make your business their hero, help your customers at times when they needed you more. One example is when natural disaster strikes, be the first to help, not only your customers but also the people who are affected.

9. Be consistent

If you will follow all the ways and tips above, you will attract customers. But the big question is… can you keep them? Persistence is one of the most important keys to success. That’s why you should not only attempt to do the ways above once, but you have to keep on doing them, and it needs a lot of motivation, dedication, patience, and hard work.

10. Make yourself and employees attracted to your business

Last but not the least, don’t forget to always make yourself and your team attracted to your own business. You cannot attract customers to your business if yourself is not even attracted to it. You can’t make consumers love your products if you don’t even love your own products. You can’t satisfy customers if the people inside your business aren’t even satisfied with your own business.

So… does your business have a magnet that keeps on attracting customers? What other marketing strategies and tactics are your doing to enchant your customers and make them loyal to your business?

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