12 Acts to Make Your Employees Happy

There’s no shortcut to making your employees productive. If you’re a business owner or a manager, who wish to achieve high productivity in your workplace, you have to first make your workers happy at work. The following are 12 acts you can do to make your employees happy, motivated, and productive.

1. Be jolly

Be the source of happiness you give or share to your employees. Make it a habit to smile and always be happy as a person. Remember that if you don’t have happiness within you, what happiness can you share to them?

2. Get them into training

Provide your employees with continuing professional education to continuously develop their talents, skills, personality, and confidence. Take note that professional development, which leads to career growth, will truly make your employees happy and excited.

3. Provide a comfortable workplace

Keep your employees away from inconvenient working environment, which adds to their stresses. Hot environment, slow computers and uncomfortable office furniture are among the top things that make your workers hot-tempered and distressed in the workplace.

4. Give unexpected gifts or bonuses

Wow your employees by giving them extra cash or non-cash incentives that they don’t expect. Give a surprise that can surely make them smile. Remember that those who become loyal employees are usually those who have been wowed by their bosses or employers.

5. Assign them into a task with less supervision

After providing them adequate training, trust your employees and give them tasks they can accomplish independently or without your intervention. In other words give them empowerment.

6. Admit a mistake

Show humility and accountability by claiming your blame. If you keep on pointing fingers to your employees, imagine how it destroys their happiness and peace of mind. Restore your workers’ joy at work by admitting your own mistake instead of always putting the blame on them. Take note that your humility is one of the things that make your employees happy.

7. Honor them in front of the public

Lift your employees’ spirits and morale by giving them their due recognition. Don’t just claim by yourself all the honors earned by your business or organization, but tell the world how your workers became heroes of your company. Feature your employees in the public, such as in your website, press releases, social media pages, and other publications rather than just featuring only yourself as the owner or CEO of your business.

8. Say thank you

Your employees’ tiredness due to work could be eased by hearing your sincerest way of saying thank you. You can also write down your words of gratitude in a special note.

9. Give a token of appreciation

Aside from saying “thank you”, you can also show more effort in making them feel how grateful you are to them by offering them a token of appreciation. It doesn’t need to be expensive – it has to be heartfelt.

10. Treat them in a memorable vacation

Free their body and mind from the stressful things and thoughts in the office. A company outing, in which the location, is decided by your employees could make them jump in delight.

11. Get them into fitness and sports

A sickly body can make workers irritable, slow, and unproductive. Keep them strong, jolly, and efficient by promoting their health through sponsoring regular sports activities and regular medical checkups.

12. Talk, listen and help them when they are sad

If you really want to make them happy, keep them away from sadness. Talk to them and listen to them to understand the problems that causing their misery. Whatever their problem is, offer them your helping hand.

I hope this quick tips to making your employees happy have given you ideas on what to do to motivate them and make them more productive at work.

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  1. Kenna Griffin
    Kenna Griffin says:

    It’s important that you recognized both tangible and nontangible ways to keep employees happy. Things like listening, creating a comfortable work environment, providing autonomy, and giving employees the necessary tools to perform their job tasks are key to creating happy employees. These often go far when other, perhaps monetary, incentives aren’t available.

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