12 Tech Tips for Entrepreneurs

binary technology Entrepreneurs have to be competitive, innovative and dynamic to stand out from the crowd. Hence, they have to optimize and utilize all available resources and opportunities to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. The power of technology is one of most important things entrepreneurs should control to their advantage nowadays. That is why they have to be equipped with the right knowledge and understanding of our current technology to properly use it towards the success of their business or enterprise. The following are 12 tech tips to guide entrepreneurs towards their journey to entrepreneurial success.

1. Leverage the Internet

Entrepreneurs have to build a strong presence on the Internet and create lasting relationships with people online. They have to consider online marketing to grow their business through website development, blogging, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and other Internet marketing strategies and tactics. If entrepreneurs want to be competitive, they have to build their brand online and stand out from the crowd.

2. Explore the mobile world.

Business and marketing, including advertising, are becoming more mobile with the rise of smart phones, tablet PCs, smart watches and even Google Glass. Thus, every entrepreneur has to consider extending their reach further from desktop computers to the mobile world. They have to optimized their website for the mobile browsing and explore how mobile applications, like iPhone apps and Android apps, can help their business grow.

3. Consider cloud storage.

Companies need to have a more efficient and scalable solution for their data storage. Through cloud storage or cloud hosting, enterprise owners can store their data in multiple virtual servers which are generally hosted by third parties. With cloud storage, companies can access their own data quickly and easily around the world through their chosen hosting provider.

4. Protect your data security and privacy.

Truth be told, there is no hack-proof websites, data storage or systems on the Internet. However, that doesn’t mean we have to just ignore our cyber properties since we cannot protect it hundred percent. Entrepreneurs still need to prioritize the security and privacy of their data. They have to learn how to use strong passwords, how to regularly back up their data, and how to take extra precaution when dealing with sensitive information online and offline.

5. Get help from the expert and learn how to delegate.

Not all entrepreneurs are Internet or tech savvy. That is why they have to ask help from the experts. They have to delegate tasks to the professionals who can do the job right. This is also to make them have more time to focus on tasks that could make them more productive and profitable. Hence, consider hiring experts, such as a website developer to build your company website, a SEO to optimize your website for the search engines, a security expert to secure your data, and other pros that you need. Outsourcing tasks, such as accounting, customer service and others would also make your business more efficient.

6. Consider gamification.

Gamification is the use of game playing, competition or point scoring to encourage engagement with customers or motivate employees in the workplace. This technique is used in online marketing to encourage more loyalty from customers. For example, businesses can use mobile application like FourSquare to reward customers or give additional points or badges whenever they check in to their business establishments. Inside the workplace, managers can also use game thinking to reward employees and encourage more productivity inside their business.

7. Get updated with the trends.

Business owners and entrepreneur have to do their research and keep themselves updated with the latest tech trends. With the help of the Internet, search engines, blogs and social media, getting the hottest tech news is actually a piece of cake. Entrepreneurs can follow the top tech blogs on the web. They can also follow the top tech experts on their social media profiles, like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Moreover, they can also watch the latest tech videos on YouTube.

8. Get online education

Education is becoming more efficient because of information technology. Entrepreneurs can get educational degrees online. They can also join short online courses, online training and webinars to increase their knowledge and develop further their skills. So if you have a weakness on a particular tech field, but acquiring that knowledge or skill is vital to your success, consider acquiring that knowledge or skill through online education. Remember that in entrepreneurship, it’s either you get education or you get ignorance – choose the first.

9. Do your analytics.

It is now easy to get important data and insights that are useful in analyzing the performance of our business or marketing efforts through online applications like Google Analytics, Facebook insights and the like. If you have a website and you want to reach more audience, don’t ignore but analyze your Google Analytics and Facebook insights. Study your reach and know your customers, such as their demographics and other statistics to improve your future marketing campaigns.

10. Think ahead for your customers.

Entrepreneurs should be persons of advancement and innovation. They have to think, not only what humanity will need today, but also what humanity will be needing in the future. They have to think for the long term benefit, and not just for the instant profit. They have to visualize the next generation and embrace the true entrepreneurial spirit.

11. Care for the planet.

Although technology is already on the rise, entrepreneurs should never forget to care for the world we live in. We have to care for our planet. We need to learn how to conserve energy and protect our environment.

12. Be social and humane.

Finally, technology should be created for the humanity. Entrepreneurs should not just think of technology, but they need to give more attention to the humanity. Online marketers should not rely too much on software and applications. Search engine marketing has to give more care on the search engine users rather than just care for their search ranking. Furthermore, social media marketers have to focus on making good relationships with people rather than just trying to make a sale to them.

Let us create or use technology for improving the lives of many people. Let’s innovate technology to change humanity for the better.

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