16 Personal Development Tips for Managers and Leaders

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Human resource management and leadership are vital to business success. They involve more personal interaction with people, which include a deeper understanding of your employees and subordinates. Managers and leaders have to understand, not only people’s thoughts, but also their feelings and emotions. Since managers and leaders have to deal with the core aspects of humanity, it is very important that they learn how to develop themselves, not only professionally and entrepreneurially, but also personally. Here are 16 personal development tips for managers and leaders like you.

1. Know yourself to love yourself more

Managing and leading other people require loving them. But in order to have love and care for them, you should first learn how to love and care for yourself. Love starts from knowing. That is why if you have to learn how to love yourself, take time and effort to identify yourself. No matter how you think your life is miserable, there are still great things that you could discover within yourself.

2. Defy yourself to control yourself

If you want to control other people, you should first learn how to control yourself. To have self-control, learn how to have self-discipline. In other words, try your best to defy the worst self in you – the one who dictates you to do the things that will give you negative consequences. You have to overcome the worst self in you to be able to become the master, manager or leader of yourself.

3. Motivate yourself consistently

Leaders and managers need to regularly motivate their followers or subordinates to achieve their common goals. However, they can hardly do that if they can’t even motivate themselves. Hence, always start the motivation in yourself to become self-motivated and inspiring.

4. Improve your principles in life

We all have principles but we all don’t have the right and strong principles. To be an effective manager and leader, you have to see to it that you are following the principles that could give you optimal results and success in business and in life.

5. Develop your core values.

We all have values but we all don’t have deeper or core values. Values only become deeper if we place them in our hearts rather than just place them in our minds. Therefore, learn how to make your thoughts in the mind become desires of your heart.

6. Break your bad habits

Bad habits are hard to break. It involves consistent actions and a lot of sacrifice to break them. But by developing good habits gradually and constantly, you could be successful in overcoming those bad habits of yours. Leaders and managers should have good habits to be more effective and efficient in leading their followers and subordinates.

7. Be strong so that you can afford to be low and humble

Many people cannot practice humility because they are insecure and weak. If you are mentally and emotionally strong, you can afford to let yourself low to lift other people high. Humility and being down-to-earth will let your people reach you comfortably, resulting to a more effective communication within your organization.

8. Learn how to be patient to have timing

Leaders and managers should learn how to have timing so that they can execute their plans well. They have to produce patience and develop the ability to avoid temptations and distractions, like hatred and envy. Patience is also a good habit which you need to practice daily to have it.

9. Learn to forgive and forget to have inner peace

Peacefulness is an important quality of a great leader or manager. To have it, you have to learn how to forgive, forget and forward. Inner peace would give leaders and managers the ability to clearly think and understand their people.

10. Learn how to listen to people’s hearts to have compassion

Leaders and managers should become compassionate to their people so that they could feel their feeling and sufferings. There are people who are naturally born with compassion, but you can also acquire compassion by always practicing self-realization.

11. Be thankful so that you could stay happy and positive.

Don’t waste your energy on hating and blaming other people. Be grateful and be reasonably positive. Leaders and managers should always find opportunities on problems instead of finding excuses to those problems. Be cheerful so that your employees or workers will be more inspired to work with you.

12. Be generous with your possessions

Always feel light by sharing your possessions with other people. You could share your money, time, attention and education to your followers and subordinates to make them feel that they are part of your team.

13. Be accountable and responsible

Mistakes are sometimes inevitable. You have to learn how to admit them and strive to correct them so that you could always make yourself better than ever. If you can show that you are accountable and responsible, your followers would feel more motivated to work with you and will stick with your organization.

14. Improve your health

Personal development also involves improvement of your health and fitness. To lead and manage your people, you have to stay healthy and fit. That is why always do your regular exercise, follow your healthy diet, get enough rest, and learn how to relax.

15. Manage your personal finance

Financial troubles, like overdue debts and business bankruptcy, could affect the effectiveness of a leader or manager. Hence, to stay effective, you have to learn how to manage your personal finance. You should learn how to save money, how to avoid squandering, how to invest wise, and how to do business profitably.

16. Keep on practicing to consistently achieve personal growth.

Finally, always strive to practice what you learn, and of course, continue learning. Personal development is an unending process. As long as you live, you have to constantly make efforts to grow yourself as a person.

In our business, we can be profit-oriented, customer-oriented or employee-oriented. But to ensure that we can achieve optimal success in our business or in our other endeavors in life, we should not forget to become self-oriented. In other words, we should ensure that we can develop ourselves in order to develop others.

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