17 Life Lessons I learned from Playing Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird get ready
I only had a few game applications in my mobile phone. I choose games, such as bowling and motor racing, which don’t virtually require thinking as I only play to enjoy and take a break from a stressful work that requires a lot of brainstorming.

Then Flappy Bird came into my radar. Well, with your social media feeds that are flooded by your friends’ Flappy scores and statuses, who wouldn’t notice and try this much-hyped game?

Although its creator Dong Nguyen has already removed the application from Apple’s App Store and Google Play today, I was able to download it before he did that. The game was so simple yet highly difficult. Perhaps this explains the famous quote that says “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Many people say that Flappy Bird is too boring and irritating. But I say, it’s the player who wins or losses. It’s the player who decides to enjoy the game or be bored. It’s the gamer who decides to learn or be irritated.

Actually, there are great lessons in life we can learn from playing Flappy Bird. The following are 17 life lessons I learned from playing this simple yet very challenging game.

1. Do not be too quick to judge

Before we judge a game, we have to play and experience it first. We should not also judge people too quickly just because they are following what’s the mainstream. If they are happy to play the game and publish their score, status, and expression of joy in playing it, we have to appreciate them rather than judge them negatively, especially that they are our friends.

2. The earlier you start, the farther you can go

The earliest players of Flappy Bird are the ones who have the highest scores. In life, if we want to achieve higher and bigger in the journey that we choose, we have to stop procrastinating – we have to start as early as now.

3. Always get ready

Chances and opportunities may come to us many times. However, time lost is never found again. That is why we always have to prepare ourselves and attempt to get success in one shot.

4. Once you tap, you cannot go back

In Flappy Bird, once you tap, you cannot go backward – you have to keep on forwarding and avoid the obstacles that are in your way. In life, once we make our decision and our journey begins, we have to stand with our choice and carry it forward until we reach our goals.

5. Without focus, we will fail

You need to have presence of mind to get a high score at Flappy Bird. If you heart is troubled and you don’t have peace of mind, you will surely collide with the pipes and your game will be over. This also happens in real life.

6. Life moves on

We will collide, fall, and lose in the game several times. We will lose many chances and opportunities. But we can always try again for a new beginning. Life goes on as long as we have the power.

7. The more you try the more you grow

Those who have repeated the game many times are the ones who have reached the highest level in that game. In life, in order to improve ourselves, we should not just read, listen, and acquire knowledge. We have to try and execute that knowledge to get experiences. We grow from experience. The more experience we have, the more we can reflect and grow ourselves.

8. Envy is a deadly sin encouragement is power

We should not envy other people’s achievements – it could frustrate us and ruin our lives. Instead, we should appreciate them and make them encouragements to make ourselves better.

9. Your greatest competitor is you

You’re the lone player in your own Flappy Bird game. Your actual enemies are your own weaknesses, such as your recklessness and lack of focus. Although you can contest other people’s scores and be the top scorer in the world, you can always break your own record. You have to beat the best in you. We always have to challenge ourselves to continue learning and growing.

10. A healthier body will give you a healthier play

Health is important to win any game, whether it’s online or offline, indoor or outdoor, and mental or physical. If you don’t eat properly and don’t have enough sleep, you will likely lose the game.

11. It does not matter if you are going up or down

What matters most is you are heading to the right way and you are successfully evading the obstacles placed in front of you. Sometimes you need to fly, sometimes you need to dive. Our lives always have a meaning whether we are up or down as long as we do not forget our purpose and we are doing everything to realize that purpose in life.

12. How many failures you have does not really counts, it is how high your success that really counts after all

So don’t be shy to start as an amateur. Ignore the people who will laugh at your amateurish moves. Be honest and be humble. Don’t cheat. Be honest when you show your scores. Remember that all champions are once amateurs.

13. Do not blame others for your own mistakes

Flappy Bird can often become too frustrating that we get mad at our phone and become irritable at the people around us who have nothing to do with our play. The truth is that when we lose, we lose. There is no excuse. We have to be responsible and admit our own mistakes. That’s what maturity is all about.

14. Enjoy the game

Although the game is hard, it is fair. Every player is given the same chance as others. Every player passes the same level of obstacles and challenges. It’s the same with life. Life is not unfair. Every one of us are facing problems – no one is exempted. That is why there’s nothing to cry for. You should not complain. Just enjoy the game. Laugh at your mistakes. Just smile when you see the cute bird falling and rising once again. Just enjoy life. Be happy that you are progressing.

15. You have to take a break

This is one of the most important lessons I learned from playing Flappy Bird. Do I need to explain this further? I guess you already know that we have to take a rest and also prevent addiction. Take note that every thing that is too much is not good.

16. The worst and best games are yet to come

Flappy Bird may be annoying, irritating, difficult, boring or enjoyable. But whatever it is, one thing is for sure, it’s not the last or the only game we will play in this world. There are still many other games that we must prepare to win. Most of these games are not played in our smart phones and tablets. They are played in real life. So don’t claim success or failure permanently. Always be strong and be ready to play any game in life.

17. We have to protect the nature

Finally, the lesson I learned from Flappy Bird is about keeping our environment clean and green. As we can see, it’s nice to flap and fly in the clean air. The game also teaches us to protect the bird from colliding with the industrial pipelines. We have to do everything to protect this innocent bird rather than let it be killed. In the game, Flappy Bird can be revived endlessly. But in the real world, trees, animals, and our Mother Earth don’t have an infinite life.

I’m hopeful that you will learn something from this post, as well as from playing the game. I would also be glad if you’ll share this post to your friends.

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