17 Ways to Boost Productivity in the Workplace

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Your business profitability and stability depend on the productivity of your workplace. Without productive workers, you cannot achieve your target sales and profit. Without productive employees, you can hardly supply the right quality of products and services demanded by your customers. Thus, you have to pay great attention on how to increase productivity in your company. The following are 17 ways that will help you boost productivity in the workplace.
1. Organize and simplify everything inside your workplace, which include your workers (organizational structure), place, furniture, equipment, tools and systems so that every flow in your business would be more efficient.

2. Ask ideas or suggestions from your workers on how you could improve productivity in the workplace. Since they are the workers, they know the things that would improve their place.

3. Train your workers so that they will become more competitive, effective and efficient. They need, not only training and workshops that would enhance their professional skills, but also personality development training that will help them grow as a responsible person.

4. Monitor and evaluate the performance and behavior of your employees so that you could take necessary actions to improve their work and output.

5. Talk with your workers more personally and closely so that you would know their deeper issues that you don’t usually hear from them in regular meetings.

6. In addition to #5, help your employees solve their personal and family problems. Remember that personal and family issues greatly affect their performance at work.

7. Avoid too much talks and meetings, instead, do more actions so that your employees will realize that you are more of actions rather than words.

8. Create achievable goals and targets instead of forcing your workers to achieve impossible objectives that would only destroy their body and morale.

9. Make your workers profitable and sustainable. In other words, provide them motivating salaries, wages and employee benefits.

10. Promote your workers health and wellness. Consider conducting regular sports fest to exercise their body or bringing them in company outing to relax their mind.

11. Make your workplace comfortable to work. Make your office full-air-conditioned, give your employees comfortable chairs and tables, and make your working environment efficient and convenient for working.

12. Make your employees feel more appreciated by recognizing their efforts. Consider giving them awards to recognize the great contribution they have done to your company.

13. Make your employees feel more important and valued by avoiding favoritism and by ensuring that you are giving fair treatment to all your workers.

14. As the manager and the leader of your organization, be accountable and responsible for your team’s mistakes and stop putting all the blame to your employees and subordinates.

15. Empower your employees. Trust them to accomplish a job well done without your interference. Challenge them and unleash their true potentials by giving them more independence in their assigned tasks.

16. Motivate your workers daily. Always share inspiring words to them and place motivational quotes in your business premises.

17. Review your hiring policies and make sure that you are only hiring employees that have the right skills, knowledge, work ethics and potentials that will make your workplace more productive.

There are still many other ways to improve productivity in the workplace. You just need to start productivity within yourself. As the head of your business or organization, you should be the one to ignite the fire that will increase productivity in your workplace.

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