20 Business Ideas for 2014 that You Shouldn’t Ignore

Solar panel installation The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Thus, if you are planning to start a successful business in 2014, you should have been ready to start it now. If you have a great business idea in mind, it should already be plotted and formulated with a smart business plan.

We have witnessed what happened in the business world this 2013. We have experienced the good and bad changes that revolutionized our ideas and visions. We have seen the major players that made noise in the business and marketing arena. Now, we might have been ready to face a new year – a new time to start or develop a better business.

Below is a list of 20 business ideas for 2014 that business people and entrepreneurs shouldn’t ignore if they want to make it big or bigger this time.

1. Energy independence and savings solutions

Business establishments and households will be transforming in to an energy- independent and energy-efficient offices and homes. One of the best business ideas for 2014 is providing renewable energy solutions to commercial and residential buildings. Manufacturing, selling or distributing solar power products, wind turbines, and other renewable energy solutions that will help people save energy and save the planet is one of the best businesses we could start in 2014.

2. Water filtration systems

If people would like to bring power generation right at their own office or home, they would also love to bring water filtration or purification right at their own place, without relying on buying safe water from water stations or buying bottled water. The future will be a year of buildings, whether commercial or residential, that are capable of producing their own energy and safe water. So take note of that.

3. Mobile app development.

We have witnessed how the mobile application industry boomed in 2013. In 2014, mobile application development will not be slowing down, rather, it will continue rising. According to the research released by Gartner, mobile app store downloads reach 102 billion in 2013, and will grow to 138 billion in 2014. Mobile applications are giving smart phones, tablets and other online devices unlimited possibilities of what people could do with them. It could also give us the power to enjoy the Internet of things, which enable us to connect various devices, like phones, tablets, watches, appliances, and other devices through the Internet. So if you want a business that will continue to flourish in 2014, consider mobile app development.

4. Integrated marketing services

Digital marketing or advertising is one of the hottest online business ideas that will continue to flourish in 2014. This includes services, such as search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and other online marketing services. But in 2014, online marketing would be more integrated. Thus, instead of just providing search engine marketing, you could provide hybrid Internet marketing services composed of search, social, visual and content marketing that are integrated to give optimal results for your clients.

5. Business intelligence services

These services involve collecting raw data, analyzing them, and making reports to help businesses make better decisions. Business intelligence may include a set of technologies, theories, systems and procedures to extract raw data and convert them in to useful information for business and marketing purposes. Because of the Internet, software and other technologies, information is already abundant for businesses. However, they will still need analysts, statisticians, and data scientists to convert these information in to meaningful reports for business purposes.

6. Privacy and reputation management

Because of social media, search engines, and other websites and online applications that can store our business and personal data and make them accessible to the public, companies and individuals are in great risk of exploiting their sensitive and private information to the public. Negative information can also spread rapidly on the Internet through social media sharing. That is why privacy consultants, privacy protection firms, and online reputation managers will be high demand in 2014.

7. Data security and protection

In this world where information are already fully moving online, services that include data storage, cloud hosting, backup and security are already a must for businesses. They want to protect their data about their employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Thus, your job is to provide them a security plan and a number of solutions to ensure that their company and customers’ files are safe.

8. Disaster risk management solutions

The world is facing a climate change. It’s horrible to think of devastating calamities, but human beings have to expect and prepare for the worst. The world has recently experienced super typhoons, hurricanes, flood, earthquakes, and even abnormal snowfalls. Hence, everybody has to ensure that they are safe and has the ability to recover once hit by a calamity. Another good business idea that can help humanity is to provide survival products and services, such as survival kits and emergency products. I’m also thinking that the business of constructing disaster-proof building, such as earthquake-proof and hurricane resistant homes will be a hot industry in 2014.

9. Natural health products and wellness services

People will continue to search for effective cures with minimal or zero side effects. That is why natural health products and wellness services (e.g., herbal medicines, natural food supplements, health centers, and fitness clubs) will still be high demand in 2014 and beyond.

10. Pet care

Our beloved dogs, adorable cats, and other pets will continue to need grooming and be healthy. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), 63.2% of pet owners considered their pets to be family members. The number of pet owners are also increasing every year. Hence, the pet care industry will not slow down anytime soon.

11. Tech and gadget care

If the number of pet owners are growing, the number of gadget owners are rapidly increasing. With smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets that have already been part of our everyday lives, we have to make sure that they are in good condition and always protected. A good business idea is to start a business that will provide regular diagnostic check and tune-up on people’s gadgets.

12. In-home elderly care business

The human population is constantly aging, and more and more seniors are needing assistance on living their lives (i.e., cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene and medications) right at their own home. The government may be providing assisted living facilities for their seniors but many elders still prefer to live at their own home. Operating an in-home senior care business may require professional certification, depending on your country or location. Thus, if you want to start this kind of business, you have to ask yourself if you are fully qualified to stand out in this industry.

13. Retirees services

New retirees have to enjoy their lives after they retire from their exhausting jobs. They will be needing services, such as travel, tour, vacation, and other products that will reward themselves for serving their employers and offices for a long period of time. In this business idea, your market are the newly retired workers or employees. Your products would include travel and tour packages, real estate investments, and others that would fulfill their dreams.

14. Website development

Website development is a broad practice as website developers can have many options what type of website to develop to start a business. They can start a lucrative blog, a responsive website, or even try to make it big by following the footsteps of Mark Zuckerberg and other founders of the biggest websites today. Website developers can also offer website design and development services to various clients who want to have their own website.

15. 3D printing

The possibilities are unlimited in 3D printing. It has many potentials, and many industries, such as construction, clothing, medicine, automobile and firearms could benefit from its application. 3D printing technology is constantly improving, and its cost can also be reduced to be more affordable for the general use. 3D printing will be more visible in 2014 and in the coming years. Hence, don’t be left behind to consider it as a good business idea to start next year.

16. Personal development coaching

Life coaching is an industry that will never perish as long as people exist. Individuals and organizations will continue to find personal development coaches to help them achieve personal growth and make people in their organizations more motivated and productive in the workplace. Aside from personal coaching (online or offline), a life coach can also earn money from inspirational writing, blogging, and speaking in events.

17. Mobile education

Online education has been a hot industry. Anybody can earn an educational degree from their home. But in 2014, online education will go beyond your home – it would go mobile. In other words, one can already earn a degree through mobile technologies, like tablets, smart phones, and even Google glass (thanks to mobile applications). This also means that if you are already providing online education services to clients, you have to innovate and adapt to mobile technologies.

18. Organic farming

With the people of the world becoming more concerned in protecting our planet, organic agriculture will have a steady growth in the coming years. Organic farming protects and sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and, of course, people. Thus, if you love farming, you can consider transitioning in to organic farming and supply the growing demand for organic products.

19. Start-up financing

Business experts claim that 2014 will be the year of the entrepreneur. Technology is now more accessible and complex business tasks, like accounting, taxation, legalities, and website development can now be outsourced to third parties at a more affordable price. This gives any person who wants to start a business the opportunity to compete with the rest. With the rising number of entrepreneurs who will take the challenge to change the world, I believe it’s a great business idea to provide them more financial support through credit and equity investments.

20. Recycling

Recycling and scrapping could be a literally dirty business. However, it is a respectable and truly clean business that could also be profitable. It saves the planet and help our environment clean. And as long as there are trash in this world, recycling business owners will always have trash to transform in to gold.

Remember that these are only business ideas. In other words, they are just things that will fill in your mind. If you have chosen the best business idea for you, you still need to develop a strong desire for it within your deepest heart. Furthermore, ideas and desires wouldn’t bring you to real success. You still have to constantly work on them with your own hands and kick some butt to execute and turn them in to realities and great accomplishments. Finally, there are still many other business ideas out there for 2014 that could be just perfect for you. Therefore, don’t stop exploring.

Image credit: Installing solar panels by the Oregon Department of Transportation

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    Vow! good collection of ideas…
    these are fantastic opportunities that has excellent scope and operated consistently on a long term basis…especially ideas 1,2,3,4 and 17 would really fetch good money…

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