20 Things that Make Your Employees Happy

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Happy employees become more motivated to work and be more productive in the workplace. That is why if you’re a manager or an employer, you have to try harder to keep your workers happy. To do that, you have to know what the things are that always make them glad that they become part of your company. To ensure high productivity inside your business, here are 20 things you should realize to make your workers happy, motivated and productive.

1. Your extra money.

Employees work for you to receive salaries and wages for a living. They expect money for the efforts they contribute to your company. If you want to make them happier, why not give them unexpected money like bonuses or incentives?

2. Your extra time and presence

Share your extra time for attending to their work-related questions and issues, personal coaching, in-house training, visiting them when they are sick, joining them at lunch or dinner, enjoying with them in a vacation or company outing, and in every event that they need your time and presence.

3. Your care and attention

Of course presence will not count if you will not care and pay attention to your employees’ needs. Hence, make sure you are always listening and knowing their details. During meetings, employees will be happy if they are not only there to hear what their leader is saying, but there to speak their mind and actually be heard by their leader.

4. Your compassion

A compassionate boss is very rare in this world. Such leader does not only care and give attention to what his people are experiencing, but actually experiencing or feeling them on their own, leading to more detailed understanding. Employees who have compassionate employer are truly feeling lucky.

5. Your actions

Actions and results are evidence that you have truly answered your employees concerns. Listening is not enough if you have not acted on what you have heard. So if you want to make your employees happy and motivated, let them see your own output and production.

6. Your recognition or appreciation

Well, most employees are discouraged and losing their morale because of the lack of recognition. Now if you want to turn the tide, value your workers’ efforts, be grateful to them, and make them feel more appreciated.

7. Your trust and confidence in them

Empowered workers are more encouraged to do their jobs well. But empowerment doesn’t only mean letting them go to work on their own, but it also means providing them with adequate training and honing of their skills to become fully equipped to work independently. If you trust your employees, then you have to invest in them.

8. Your self-confidence

Managers and bosses are decision makers. If they are not empowered and independent, themselves, how awful it is to think for their subordinates? Therefore, clear your employees’ doubts and worries by showing to them that they can also rely and have confidence in you as a leader.

9. Your honesty

Breaking your workers’ trust in you and breaking their hearts will surely destroy their morale and motivation to work. Hence, always make honesty your best policy, and practice it of course.

10. Your patience and self-control

If you want to increase production in your business, you have to produce more patience in you.

11. Your knowledge and intelligence

Knowledge is power and intelligence is the exhibition of that power. Show to your employees that their head or leader has a lot of brainpower.

12. Your wisdom and inspiration

If you want to make your employees happy and motivated, try to amaze them with your maturity and wisdom. Managers have to try their best to make themselves inspiring in order to inspire their subordinates.

13. Your understanding

Knowledge and wisdom would be in vain if you don’t have understanding. And how do you acquire understanding? You will get it if you will practice your knowledge and wisdom. By practicing them, you will get an experience. Only when you experience it that you will achieve understanding about it. Read #4.

14. Your insights of the future

Make sure that your employees can see a bright future with your business. Make sure they will also be part of that bright future.

15. Your honor and integrity

If I am an employee, I would feel happy, proud and honored if I will realize that the company I am working for is doing an excellent job for the public.

16. Your joy or cheerfulness

Smile is contagious, as well as a frown. If you want to make your workers happy and positive, start the flame of joy and positivity in you. Be the first to share them in your working environment.

17. Your justice and righteousness.

Favoritism is obviously disgusting and frustrating for employees. Thus, you have to always take extra cautious when making judgments, treatments and decisions.

18. Your respect

Respect ladies, respect culture, respect privacy, respect your workers, and respect yourself. Respect truly makes the workplace peaceful and more productive.

19. Your humility

If you want to make your employees glad, lift them up. You can do that by letting yourself down to carry them up. You have to realize that letting yourself down with humility is not a sign of weakness but it is a sign of strength and the capability to carry the burden of others.

20. Your persistence

Finally, have tenacity and be consistent in doing those things that make your employees truly happy, motivated and productive.

How about you? Are you an employee? What are the things that you want your boss to do so that you become happy? Are you an employer? What are the things that you think will please your workers?

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