20 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

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Aside from building a great team in the workplace to maintain productivity, business owners should also learn how to improve their customer relationship to keep the profitability and stability of their business. Every business owner should not only become effective managers, but they should also become better marketers who know how to handle not only their employees but also their customers. Keeping your customers consistently happy is indeed vital to business success. Here are 20 practical ways to improve your customer service.

1. Build a company website.

A professionally designed website with all the important information (company profile, product catalogue, contact information, live support, etc.) could improve your customer service.

2. Create a company blog.

An updated company blog that regularly publishes informational, relevant and useful articles or blog posts will keep your customers updated about your business and about the things that would help them best.

3. Make a Facebook Page

Since most of your customers may have a Facebook account, a Facebook business page could help them reach your company efficiently. You can also share useful and interesting statuses or posts to keep your customers updated. Your customers could also send their feedback on your page.

4. Create a Twitter Profile.

If you have a Twitter profile for your business, you can easily send updates to your customers through their Twitter feeds which they can access on their desktop or mobile phones.

5. Build a channel in YouTube

Videos are effective and efficient media where you can transmit important information to your customers. You can create a YouTube channel where you can upload all your videos that are aimed to inform, educate or even entertain your customers.

6. Make a Google+ Page

Just like other social networking sites, Google+ can also be an effective medium where you can interact with your customers closely, especially if they have Google+ accounts. You can also hold a Google+ hangout to talk with your customers online.

7. Get found on Foursquare

Make your business’ map or physical location easy to find by Foursquare users by claiming your location and giving useful tips to them. You could also reward Foursquare users who will check in to your business multiple times.

8. Always smile and welcome your customers when they enter your premises

A good smile and a simple good morning can brighten up your customers’ day. It will also make them feel that they are welcome and appreciated.

9. Listen carefully and pay attention to your customers’ need

Don’t just merely listen but listen carefully to what your customers are telling you. Pay attention to their details so that you can give what they really want. Remember that listening without comprehension will only cause more troubles.

10. Always thank your customers for doing business with you

Don’t just make your customers’ feel happy, but also make them feel that you are happy to have them.

11. Sincerely apologize for any inconvenience experienced by your customers

Errors and mistakes are sometimes inevitable. To improve your customer service, you have to be fast and sincere in correcting those mistakes.

12. Train your personnel to enhance their customer service skills.

Your employees, especially your frontline personnel, should be trained well when it comes to customer service. Your customer relationship greatly depends on them. Hence, you have to invest on their training and professional enhancement.

13. Greet your customers during special days

Make your customers feel that they are not forgotten. You can send birthday cards or a personalized email message on their special days.

14. Give discounts, rewards or freebies.

Show to your customers that you’re not greedy and that your business exists primarily to make them happy. Discounts and free stuff, no matter how little they are, as long as you are sincere in sharing them, it can make your customers happy.

15. Provide extra free services

Don’t just aim for selling your products to your customers to earn sales, but also aim for ensuring that your products are satisfyingly consumed by your customers to earn good and lasting relationship with them. You could offer free delivery and free post-sale support.

16. Get your customers suggestions, and try them

Listening to your customers’ suggestions is good, but making them happen is even better. Thus, if you think that your customers’ are giving you better ideas, why not try them?

17. Boost your social responsibility

Prove that you have care for your society or community. If you can care for the world, how much more could you care for your customers?

18. Give your customers freedom to choose

Empower your customers by giving them the freedom to make decisions for themselves. Remember that if customers don’t like to be ignored, they also don’t like to be cornered. They need some space and liberty.

19. Give your current and potential customers free education

You can provide them with useful information and knowledge that will help them come up with better consumer decisions. You can give them free education online (e.g., through blog posts, YouTube videos and online documents) or offline (e.g., conducting free seminars and giving out free brochures). Take note that you have to focus on giving information that could really help your customers instead of just informing them mainly about your own business.

20. Don’t make a promise you can’t do

Finally, be true to your promises and fulfill your obligations. Customer relationship is about building trust and confidence between you and your customers. It’s not only about making your business more profitable and stable, but it is more importantly about making your customers and everybody happy.

Business owners should always strive to improve every bit of their business, and improving their customer service is one important thing that they shouldn’t ignore. Customers are the main reasons why a business makes sales and profit. Thus, always make sure that your customers are always satisfied, not only on your products, but also on your customer service.

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