The Big List of Lead Generation Tools You Want

The best sales professionals use lead generation tools every day .  Everyone has their favorites.

But, we thought that some might find value in discovering new tools, or getting a different perspective on an existing tool for use in a different way.  I suppose “Hacking Sales Tools” could be another description for this post, but that’s a little trendy for us, so we’ll let you determine what you want to call the list.

So – lets stop beating around the bush and get started.  Here are our 50 favorite lead generation tools and a few ways that they can be used effectively (listed in no particular order): Read more

Step by Step Guide to Supercharging Your B2B Sales

Whether we like it or not B2B sales have changed in so many ways the last few years and many businesses have not been able to adapt yet. In this guide we will take a look at a step by step process of successful sales and more specifically on how to:

  • Present the need of what you’re selling
  • Persuade that you & your product are the solution
  • Convince clients to buy from you

Just a few simple but crucial steps that will get you back on the map!

Read more