25 Things that Make Your Customers Happy

Saying thank you to customers
If you want to grow your business, you have to see to it that your sales and profit are consistently growing. And if you want to constantly increase your sales, you have to make sure that your customers are always happy. You need to know and actually do the actions that will satisfy you clients or consumers. Perhaps you are already doing things that could increase your customer satisfaction. Maybe you are doing them without even knowing it. But to make sure that your customers are always smiling from the heart, here are 25 things you need to know to actually make your customers happy.

1. Your price or cash discount.

Apparently, many people, especially the mass market, want to save cash or money. Thus, discounts could bring them some smile on their face.

2. Your generosity and freebies

Unless you’re a king or a billionaire, you won’t mind getting freebies from a store. People love to get something for free, especially if that product is really useful to them.

3. Your loyalty awards

Recognizing your customers’ loyalty and years of doing business with your company will make them feel more appreciated and happy.

4. Your smile

A simple and pure smile could brighten up the day of your customers. So always be cheerful and smile from the heart.

5. Your welcome greetings.

Make your customers happy from the time they enter your business premises.

6. Your thank you

Make your clients happy by thanking them and making them feel that they are important in your business.

7. Your care and thoughtfulness.

Being thoughtful to customers, like sending them greetings on their Birthday and other special occasions can actually make them feel that you care for them.

8. Your convenient office or store.

Offices that are hot, unsystematic, having a small parking space for customers, and stores that are closing at lunch time are only some of the business establishments that disappoint customers. Hence, be different.

9. Your prompt reply and actions.

Customers are happy to do business with a team that can reply immediately on their concerns, and they become happier when those replies are immediately paired with necessary actions.

10. Your extra services

Extra free services aside from your main product, like free delivery, free installation, and free post-sale customer support would make your consumers thankful that they have chosen you.

11. Your excellent customer support

Companies that offer customer support can impress customers. However, it can also cause a big disappointment if their customer support is not excellent as promised.

12. Your accessibility

Is your office or store easily accessible? Do you have a company website or a social media page (e.g. Facebook Page and Twitter Profile) where customers can access your information anytime or anywhere? Remember that customers who are lost and confused can hardly become happy.

13. Your honesty and integrity

Promises are sweet, but honesty and integrity are security. If you are true to your words, your customers would surely be glad to do business with you.

14. Your polite and friendly staff

Even if you are friendly to your customers, if your personnel are not, you cannot make your customers happy. Hence, be kind to your workers so that they would also be kind to your customers. Train them well to improve their customer service skills.

15. Your competent employees.

Customers aren’t happy to deal with sales staff that don’t even know the products they are selling. They won’t be happy with your employees who can’t provide what they really need. Thus, make sure that your workers are also trained to improve their professional and technical skills.

16. Your special treatment

Business competence can also be measured by how you treat your customers compared with how your competitors treat them. If you are treating them more special than the way your competitors treat them, then your customers would feel more special when they are with your company.

17. Your respect

Companies and marketers who don’t respect customer privacy and other consumer rights are just annoying.

18. Your teachings and inspiration

As an entrepreneur and a consumer, I am happy with business owners who have time and passion to share their knowledge, tips and success stories.

19. Your creativity, innovation and uniqueness.

Consumers want original and First-of-a-Kind (FOAK) products so that they could be proud of themselves. Thus, if you are creative, innovative and a market leader, it would be nice to patronize your business.

20. Your social responsibility

Consumers like us would be happy to learn that the money we pay to you is going to a good cause.

21. Your quality and solution

Needless to explain, consumers are buying products or services to solve their problems. If you can’t provide solutions, then you can’t provide happiness to your customers.

22. Your good business performance

I would be happy to know that I am doing business with a company who is thriving than a company who is failing.

23. Your business stability

Even if you can provide solutions to customers and make them happy, if your business will suddenly go bankrupt and will stop operating, their happiness will just go in vain.

24. Your patience and dedication.

Doing business and keeping your customers happy is a big challenge to all business owners and entrepreneurs. If you are staying patient and consistent in making customers happy, that would make them feel loved by you and your business.

25. Your surprises

Last but not the least, what makes your customers happy is your good surprises. Providing more satisfaction and solutions that your customers aren’t expecting can wow them, touch their lives, and make them your loyal customers.

Do you know any other things that make customers happy? Feel free to share them by making a comment below.

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