25 Tips to Influence People to Buy Your Products

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Maybe you’re a good manager to your employees and have a wonderful team in your organization. However, business is not all about human resource management, but it is also about marketing and generating sales. Your business should not only attain productivity, but it should also achieve profitability. To ensure that your business will grow and attain stability, you have to learn not only how to motivate your workers to be more productive, but also how to persuade potential customers to buy your products in order to boost your profit. The following are 25 tips to influence people to buy your products and become your loyal customers.


1. Target your market

Firstly, you have to influence the right people to buy your products. Don’t just do a sales talk to everyone, but determine the right people that will really need your product. This will save your time and money – and will help you hit the bull’s-eye.

2. Sell top-quality products.

If you want to succeed in your sales, you have to succeed in your production. You have to ensure that your products or services will help you in convincing your customers. You must provide products that can promote and sell themselves.

3. Set your prices right.

You’ve got to determine what prices will persuade your customers to buy your products. Prices can greatly influence your customers buying decision. It doesn’t matter if your price is low or high. Frugal people tend to buy products that can save them more money, while elegant people tend to purchase products according to their pride. Hence, it depends on your target market.

4. Make your business legal.

Follow the laws and comply with the rules. If you want to influence people to do business with you, you have to show them that you’re doing business with integrity. Register your business and get a license to sell your products.

5. Give samples and freebies.

If you are trying to convince your customers to try your new products, why not give them free samples or freebies? It may not cause you to profit for the meantime, but it can encourage word-of-mouth marketing that will grow your sales if your products are satisfying.

6. Give a money-back guarantee

Providing guarantee to your customers is showing them that you are confident with the quality of your products or services. That confidence of yours is what will also provide your customers to have confidence to try your products. Just make sure, you will be true to your words to preserve that confidence.

7. Create a company website.

Build a professional website for your business to showcase your company profile, products, and other important information that will make people do business with trust and confidence with you. Also, get positive reviews and rating for your website from Better Business Bureau of the United States and Canada, WOT (Web of Trust), and the like.

8. Build an influential blog.

Take the opportunity to reach your current and potential customers online through blogging. Blogging your expertise and passion for business will give your customers more confidence to do business with you.

9. Build an engaging Facebook and other social media pages.

If you have a strong presence on social media and you have a lot of positively engaging followers, many people would be enticed to join your bandwagon.

10. Show your list of positive testimonials from customers

In you website, you can add a testimonial page which showcase positive testimonials from your satisfied clients.

11. Show that your business is stable and profitable

Just like investors, customers have least trust to do business with a company that is losing or not financially stable. It makes them think that your products might be compromised by your poor business condition. Hence, protect your cash flow and strive to have a better financial performance in doing business.

12. Get your business certified by quality standards

Get your products certified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or the equivalent for your specific industry. If you are providing professional services, get yourself or your team certified by a professional board. For example, if you’re providing accounting services, be a Certified Public Accountant or Chartered Accountant.

13. Build your personal brand

Don’t just focus on building your business brand, but also pay attention to building your personal brand. If people know that you’re a reliable and trusted person, they would also trust your business. Be a helpful person online and offline. Be a teacher and an educator. Be a resource speaker or a book author. There are still many ways on how you can build your personal brand.

14. Use your own product.

To convince people to consume your products, you have to show them that you are using your products and is actually happy and satisfy with them. By using your own product, you would be more knowledgeable about it and be the best ambassador of your own business.

15. Let your personnel use your own products

Let your employees enjoy your products. Give them discounts, and if possible, let them have your products for free as a privilege for becoming part of your business. Let them become your true ambassadors too.

16. Make your employees happy

If your workers are happy and motivated, there would be higher productivity in your workplace. They would be more inspired to create high quality products to customers or provide high quality services to clients.

17. Provide extra free services.

Be generous to your customers. If you want to influence the purchasing decision of people, you have to make them feel that they are in an advantage. Consumers are not only after the main product, but they are also after the extra services they could get from paying money for that product.

18. Provide good vibes to people

Smile, be polite, be friendly and be warm to everyone, whether they are your customers or not. Customers would always come back to a business place that always gives them a warm welcome, makes them feel valued, and shows them that they are really appreciated.

19. Don’t overdo promotion

Avoid megaphone marketing or being too aggressive in your promotional campaign. It only gives customers an impression that your products could hardly sell and you are already becoming desperate in making a single sale.

20. Be readily accessible and reachable.

Get a good business place or location where people can always visit regularly and conveniently to do business with you. Complete your company website and social media pages with contact information where they can easily reach you.

21. Be efficient in your customer service

Don’t keep your customers waiting. Your time and attention are part of your product that your customers are paying for. Thus, show them that you can provide, not only the main product they will buy, but also the time and attention they are expecting from you.

22. Have timing

Timing is very important. So don’t try to disturb people during times that they don’t want to be disturbed. This is why you have to know and understand the different personalities, schedules, and activities of your customers.

23. Create personal connections

Even with the rise of information technology, the Internet and social media, don’t forget to keep in touch with the human emotions of your potential and existing customers.

24. Have a great cause

If you customers will realize that you are socially responsible and is in the mission of making the world that they are living a better place, you will be an inspiration to them. They will be inspired to support your business by way of patronizing your brand or products.

25. Wow your customers

Finally, always wow your customers and let them think, believe and actually experience that there are still something more beautiful or interesting in your products.

There are still many tips and ways to influence and convince people to love your business. You just need to constantly know and understand them better. Furthermore, remember that attracting people to become your loyal buyers is a job that must be collaborated by you, your workers, your products, the price of your products, your place, promotion, and even your own customers.

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