25 Ways to Not become a Better Person

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Don’t you want to grow as a person? Aren’t you interested in improving yourself? Are you apathetic to reach your dreams, goals, and objectives in life? Perhaps you should take a look at these 25 ways to not become a better person:


1. Do not forgive yourself

Keep in mind the mistakes you’ve done in the past. Let it bother you everyday so that you cannot have peace in mind, you lose focus, and not move forward. If you cannot move on, you’ll surely fail in improving yourself and in reaching your goals.

2. Keep your grudge

Do not forgive other people for the sins they committed to you. Don’t try to get rid of the hatred you have inside so that your heart will always feel troubled and heavy, and yourself will not advance.

3. Do not apologize for your mistakes

Don’t be humble to admit your faults and don’t sincerely ask for forgiveness from other people. If you become proud, people will not like you. You won’t earn friends. You won’t realize your mistakes and learn from them. You will surely not grow as a person.

4. Count the good things you have done to others

Don’t forget those things. Keep on expecting that they will also return the favor to you. Keep on thinking that they owe you for the good things you’ve done to them. Keep on waiting for their repayment. If you’ll keep on thinking that way, you’ll actually become selfish and immature.

5. Do not thank people who are helping you

Don’t appreciate what they are doing to you. Don’t let them feel that you are happy about the good deeds they did to you so that they would be disappointed and stop helping you. If you will not receive help and support from other people anymore, your growth will become uncertain.

6. Stay in a bad company

Be with bad people. Even if you’re a good person, they will corrupt your good qualities, habits and attitudes. Surely, your personal development will be affected negatively.

7. Do not pursue your dreams

Don’t take the risk and go out from your comfort zone. Just stay where you are right now. Never have courage. Don’t face challenges and difficulties. If you’ll be coward, you won’t reach your dreams.

8. Do not dream

Don’t dream at all since dreams are impossible anyway. Without a dream, you won’t bother pursuing anything challenging at all. Without dreaming, you wouldn’t go beyond possibilities. You’ll not have opportunity to push your limit to become the best of yourself.

9. Do not try to break your bad habits

Bear in mind that habits are hard to break, and you’ll only be wasting time and effort if you attempt to break them. If you will keep your bad habits, you will not achieve self-improvement, but rather you will gradually suffer self destruction.

10. Just continue doing the same mistakes

Learning lessons from your mistakes and applying these lessons in your current and future life will make you a better person. Hence, if you don’t want to become the better person you want to be, just keep on being stubborn, ignorant, and don’t bother to avoid the same mistakes.

11. Just be yourself even if yourself is a mess

The popular quote “be yourself” sounds cool, isn’t it? So just keep on following it even if yourself needs a lot of fixes. Be your current self and don’t bother to find your innermost self or listen to the people who are around you so that you wouldn’t have the chance to grow as a person.

12. Just follow your heart even if it is already corrupted

Another famous quote “follow your heart” seems to be definitely right. So keep following it also. Follow your heart without thinking wisely. Do not purify your heart to clean away the negative things in this world that have corrupted it. Just follow your heart without purifying it first so that you won’t go deeper and improve yourself further.

13. Do not be an honest person since most people are liars anyway

The world is full of lies. If you tell the truth, you would even be condemned by many people. So don’t fight for and defend the truth. Do not make a difference in this world. Don’t be a light to save your friends, your loved ones, and the humanity from falsehoods. Your lies will keep you on having sleepless nights. If you will stay in darkness, you’ll never find your way to a better life.

14. Cheat on yourself since no one will know it other than you

If you will keep on doing this, you’ll never actually pass a difficult test or a challenge in your life. Of course you’ll never grow as a person.

15. Eat all you can since you have money to buy anyway

Gluttony will make you obese and unhealthy. It will also drain your pocket in a certain time. Definitely, it won’t improve your body and personal finance, as well as your personality.

16. Be lazy to do your workout

Don’t pressure yourself to workout your bones and muscles. Why would you do exercises to burn calories if you can just sit back, relax, and watch TV all day long? Enjoy your laziness and procrastination. If you will not do physical exercises, you will not achieve more strength, speed, and endurance, which are important physical qualities to grow yourself.

17. Do not save your money now

Why should you save your money if you can spend it to enjoy life now? You will spend it in the future anyway. Forget your future and forget about the rainy days that are coming. If you will not care about your financial improvement, you will not also attain self-improvement.

18. Do not acquire new skills

You have already enough. Perhaps you’re not already young to spend another months or years for acquiring a new skill. Just be contended with the skills you have now if you want to forget about becoming a better person.

19. Do not share your fortune since it will reduce your net worth

Don’t be generous. Don’t do charitable acts. Just keep your money and wealth to yourself. If you’ll follow these instructions, blessings and good karma will not come to you. Furthermore, life is like a wheel. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. Since you’re not helping anyone, when you become down, no one will probably help you also. Remember that golden rule? Do to others what you want them to do to you.

20. Spend more time arguing with your worthless critics

They have already told many nonsense things about you. So why don’t you face them, argue with them, do everything you can to win against them, and be a nonsense too?

21. Fear new technologies

Don’t be flexible and adaptive to the new changes in this world. Don’t bother to learn and understand modern technologies, like computers, smart phones, applications, and other tools that can help your life move faster, smoother, and have more productivity. Ancient people have lived without them anyway. So live your life like a cave man in this modern times.

22. Do not spend quite time with yourself

Avoid meditation and doing self-reflection. If you will spend more quite time alone, isn’t it makes you someone who’s crazy and weird? Hence, escape self-reflection if you don’t want to understand your fundamental nature, essence, and purpose in life.

23. Do not give yourself a break

Perhaps you’re too busy in your business, career or in your studies. Act like Superman whose body doesn’t wear and tear. Keep your delusion and don’t give yourself a good time and happy hours to recover from exhaustion, stress, and other pain.

24. Stop learning

If you want to stop from growing as a person, simply stop learning new things in life.

25. Give up on your goals

So you’ve set up some goals to improve your current life. Now you’re already thinking that you have already tried your best to reach those goals. Unfortunately, you’re still not seeing any success despite of your efforts. Why don’t you just surrender and give up on your goals? If you quit now, that would be a perfect failure in your life. You never know you’re already one step closer to success when you give up.

Of course I don’t want you to become a bad person and worsen your life. I want you to grow and become the best person you can be. So make yourself better by not following the ways above. Do the opposite. Learn the true lessons behind the list above. Finally, do the right things to improve yourself and achieve growth, success, and real happiness in life.

Photo courtesy of Fell Marie Delector

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