26 Tips to become a Better Leader

Who is leading in this runLeadership is not just a job for a living but it is a job of a lifetime. It’s a duty of a lifetime that leaders should do, whether with a full or empty stomach. It’s a job that doesn’t only aim to develop a business, but grow people and a generation. As leading should be a continuous mission in life, leaders should humble themselves and constantly strive to be a better leader. Here are 26 tips that will give you ideas and insights how to become a better leader to your followers:


1. Improve yourself as a person

As a leader, you have to continuously hone your talents and skills, break your bad habits, establish good values, develop good attitudes, maintain a healthy life, and do every effort to achieve self-improvement. Remember that a leader should have a strong and righteous personality to be relied on by his or her followers.

2. Lead yourself

The first rule to successful leadership is successful self-leadership. You cannot effectively lead other people if you can’t even lead yourself. Hence, begin by leading yourself. You may read these tips on how to successfully lead yourself.

3. Have better leadership principles

The principles of a person greatly affect his or her decision and actions, and this is also true in leadership. Thus, if you want to be a better leader, assess what leadership principles are you adopting and using. If they need improvements, improve them. Don’t be deceived by false principles.

4. Have a clearer vision

Your vision and dream determines the destination you and your followers are heading. If your vision is unclear, your steps and procedures would also be unclear and uninspiring. Thus, broaden your horizon and explore more things to boost your vision.

5. Get a stronger mission

A powerful mission is one that is deep, very important, long lasting. and helps many people. If your mission will only benefit yourself or your business, then you have to improve it.

6. Be the greatest follower or role model

Leading is the process of becoming the first and the greatest followers – that’s why you are called the leader. So always be the role model and the one who gives the biggest sacrifice.

7. Show justice

Justice must be served, and if you lack the capability to serve it to your people, then you’ve got a problem to solve.

8. Have mercy

Leaders have to enforce punishment to everyone whom it is due. But if that person has only sinned to you personally, and not to your group or organization, then give forgiveness. The ability to forgive is a quality of a humble leader.

9. Give grace

Grace is a gift beyond what a person is worth to receive. If you can give graces to your followers, then it means you are sacrificing a lot for yourself. It inspires them and make them your loyal followers.

10. Attain inner peace

Inner peace is key to focus. Without it, you would become a leader who’s always distracted and who cannot move forward.

11. Be a cheerful leader

A successful leader knows how to always share good vibes and brighten up the days of his or her followers. Remember that smile and laughter are contagious, as well as irritation. So what do you want to share and spread?

12. Be more diligent

There is no better leader than a leader who’s diligent or who’s tirelessly and patiently doing all the hard work to lead his or her followers in accomplishing their common goals.

13. Have tenacity

A great leader can retreat in a battle, but not in a war. If you want to be a better leader, never give up on your goals.

14. Be a true story teller

True stories are not only awe-inspiring and interesting to listen but they are also powerful enough to touch people’s principles and convictions. Hence, make sure you are always doing great so that you can always have a great real-life story to tell to your followers.

15. Have more wisdom

If you want to be a better leader, reduce or eliminate your gibberish talks. Instead of nonsense talks, say the words of wisdom to enlighten the people around you.

16. Lead by truth

A leader who leads by the truth leads through the light. And we know that it is easier to follow a leader who’s shining than one who’s in darkness.

17. Get the right advisers

Several heads are better than one. That is why leaders have to get advisers that will help him or her come up with the best decisions. To make it right, find the right advisers.

18. Have a loyal and trustworthy right hand

There must be someone, called your right hand, who should assist you in your leadership. Your right hand is your second in command. That is why you have to find someone who’s trustworthy and will always have loyalty to you, otherwise, you’ll be in a big trouble.

19. Be more inspiring

Being inspiring is an attribute of a true leader. Inspiration lasts longer than motivation. It can even last a lifetime unlike motivation that fades in a short time. But inspiration is more difficult to create. Unlike motivation that you can create from the outside, inspiration is created from the inside. Thus, find more inspiration from within you to become a better leader.

20. Be bolder

Leaders do miracles. If you will lead in cowardice, you won’t achieve extraordinary things. People follow you because they believe that you can do the things they fear to do. You are their courage. Hence, you have to show them more courage.

21. Listen closer

Listen to understand more and have compassion. Listen not only through your eyes, but also through your heart and soul. And of course, answer them!

22. Create more long-term solutions

A great leader gives solutions that are permanent, not temporary solutions that will only shine during his or her reign but hurt the people in the future. Leadership is a duty of a lifetime. Therefore, produce solutions that will serve as your legacy.

23. Be a strategist

Leaders should not only become good dreamers but good planners. Strategies help leaders make their plans more achievable, measurable, and more useful for future planning. If you want to be a better leader, be a master planner.

24. Be tactical

Strategies will not move if there are no tactics or steps to carryout those strategies. Tactics are short-term actions or procedures to ensure that a strategy or plan will be executed and attained. So if you want to become a more successful leader, be tactical also.

25. Have a better leadership style

Are you wondering why your leadership hasn’t yet improved despite of the efforts you’ve done in the last years? Review your leadership style. Your leadership style is the manner of how you lead people. It usually leaves a pattern that is more noticeable by other people than you. Hence, you’ve got to ask other people’s view about how you do leadership, and learn from them.

26. Be a selfless leader

Finally, if you want to become a better leader, make your followers even better. A selfless leader is one who loves his or her followers and can make self-sacrifices to make their lives better.

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  1. Harry
    Harry says:

    Victorino – Excellent list. My favorite is #19. A true leader is someone who inspires others to do something that they would not otherwise. Look at the examples in history – Gandhi, Martin Luther King. and so on. All of them I would consider as true leaders and had this quality.

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