27 Ways to Bring Good Luck into Your Life

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For me, good luck is a reward or a blessing for the good things a person has done to himself, to other people, to the Universe, and beyond. It could also be a mysterious gift or a grace we receive even though we are not exactly worthy of it. Whatever a good luck is, we need it to succeed and live a happy life. So if you want to get lucky this time, here are 27 ways to bring good luck into your life:


1. Follow the golden rule

Can you remember the golden rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? Well, if you want good things to happen in your life, do good things to other people and boost your good karma.

2. Protect our planet

Love our Mother Earth, and it will love you back. Destroy air, water, soil, mountains, trees and animals, and it will have its revenge to you.

3. Watch forecasts

Don’t be clueless about the future. Check predictions like the weather forecast to prepare and go along with the weather.

4. Have a lucky charm

It can be your loved ones, like your wife or your daughter. It will give you motivation, inspiration, spiritual boost, and the power to go on.

5. Exercise regularly

A strong and resistant body will certainly help you have good days ahead. A healthy brain will also help you make the best decisions of you life.

6. Eat healthy foods

It will help you get all the nutrients you need to have a good day. It will also help you avoid sickness, as well as medical expenses.

7. Relax

This will reduce your stress, clear your mind, and help you think clearly. It will also help you avoid getting enemies, wars, and fighting.

8. Get more enlightenment

Have more quite time with yourself, do meditation, learn from your past mistakes, and gain more wisdom and enlightenment. When you’re enlightened, you will also unlock the good things in you.

9. Do not be scared

The best lucks out there are explored. Hence, have courage, start your adventure, and explore the world. Just make sure you know what you are doing.

10. Learn how to control pressure

Pressure is not all good and not all bad. If you will know how to control it, you can use pressure to make things done.

11. Break your bad habits

Habits shape your life. Thus, if you want success in life, break your bad habits and learn how to develop good ones.

12. Love your employees.

Love your employees if you’re the boss. It will generate happiness and productivity in your workplace. If you’re the employee, learn how to love your boss while you’re employed. It will make your relationship with your boss more harmonious.

13. Make your customers happy

Put love and high quality on your products to make your customers happy and satisfied. It will make them loyal customers and will give your business lasting profit. If you’re the customer, be grateful to your suppliers for serving you and fulfilling your needs. It inspire them to do better business with you.

14. Save money

Do not waste your money. Set up for an emergency fund. Save your penny so that you will always have cash that you can use in times of emergency.

15. Clean your place

Clean your house, you room, your workstation, and your computer files. An organized place will make your work and life a lot faster, safer, and smoother.

16. Have a break

If you’re already stressed and exhausted, you will be more irritated. Bad words come out from your mouth. Your actions are unclear and twisted. If you don’t want to experience more bad things happening in you, simply have a break, whether it’s a short break or a month of vacation.

17. Sleep early

Sleeping early will make you an early riser. When you wake up early, you could experience the morning sunshine, have a good breakfast, avoid tardiness and cramming, and have a better, luckier, happier and more productive day.

18. Be honest

If you are known to be an honest person, people will trust and rely in you. Your words will shine and will destroy lies and deceits, as well their bad consequences.

19. Forgive people

Be merciful and forgive your sinners. Because you’re a human, someday, you might also commit a sin. If you’re forgiving, you might also be forgiven.

20. Respect people

Respect people so that you will not trouble their souls. If you respect them, they will also respect you. If you won’t respect them, they will not only disrespect you but they might also curse you and give you bad luck.

21. Surround yourself with good people

Associate yourself with good people and be influenced by their good deeds and accomplishments. Don’t mingle with bad people – they can corrupt your good personality.

22. Be open-minded

It’s not about being positive or negative. It’s about facing the truth and being open to possibilities. So don’t be a prison of delusion – be open minded to welcome more good luck into your life.

23. Be righteous, pray, listen, and obey

If you believe in prayers, pray. But before you pray, be righteous so that there is no hypocrisy. And when your prayer is answered, listen and follow the instructions that will bring you to good life.

24. Develop new skills

Do you want to increase your chance of success? Acquire new skills or sharpen your existing skills that will help you achieve the kind of success that you want.

25. Be kind and generous.

The more you share your blessings, the more you will be blessed. You will be blessed both by the Heaven and by the people whom you have made happy by helping them.

26. Value little successes.

Don’t ignore your little successes – value them. Your little successes and little pieces of luck will help you have bigger versions of them. So don’t be fool to do mistakes just for the sake of experiencing mistakes. Making a mistake could become a bad habit that will give you a bad luck and a bad life. Remember that you can learn from a failure, but you can also learn many things from a success, whether it’s a small or a big success.

27. Work harder

Finally, if you want to get luckier, work harder.

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