30 Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Will customers be satisfied?
Our business profitability and sustainability greatly depend on our customers’ satisfaction. No matter how we intensify our advertising or promotional campaign if our consumers aren’t happy with our products and services, our business won’t thrive in the long run. Thus, we have to strive in making sure that our products, services, and entire business would satisfy and wow our customers. The following are 30 quick tips to improve customer satisfaction.
1. Make your customers’ satisfaction your mission and vision so that you will carry it all your life and be always reminded that you’re doing business to really make your customers happy.

2. Make quality and excellence your business core values so that your customers’ satisfaction will not only be written in your mind but also in your heart as your desire and as a focal point of your business.

3. Ensure that your products are satisfying so that those products, alone, could satisfy your customers in the first place. Make your products promote and sell themselves.

4. Make your prices reasonable so that you won’t only have satisfying products but also satisfying prices that would help your customers save more money or cash.

5. Train your workers to improve their customer service skills so that they could learn how to deal with your customers daily in a satisfying way.

6. Target the right customers for your products. In other words, don’t sell to consumers whom you know you can’t satisfy in the first place.

7. Avoid excessive advertising or promotion to avoid disturbing and annoying your prospective and current customers. Prefer magnet marketing which involves making your products irresistible rather than megaphone marketing which makes your advertising noisy and sometimes annoying.

8. Get customers’ feedback and make necessary actions to ensure that you would have clear strategies and tactics to satisfy them.

9. Be conveniently accessible online by investing on a company website, blog, Facebook Page and other social media pages where your customers can reach you anytime and anywhere.

10. Be conveniently accessible offline by choosing a good business location and directing clearly your potential and existing clients. Signboards, business cards, telephone, fax machine and other things that would help your customers do business with you efficiently without using the Internet should be present in your business.

11. Have a friendly access to your customers. Don’t just wait for your customers to access you, but make efforts to access them in a friendly and courteous way.

12. Give a money back guarantee for a certain period to show that you are confident that your customers will be satisfied with your products.

13. Reward your customers with discounts and freebies to show your gratitude to your customers for doing business with you. Also give loyalty rewards to your loyal customers to recognize their efforts in your business.

14. Educate your customers by conducting free seminars, sharing useful articles on your blog, giving out informational flyers, or simply by making yourself or your staff available for free consultation.

15. Provide your customers with extra free services that will ensure the smooth delivery, transfer and consumption of your products. And of course, don’t forget to provide post-sale customer support.

16. Greet your customers a warm welcome to brighten up their day when they enter into your business office or store.

17. Smile dearly to your customers to show how you appreciate their presence in your business place. Remember that smiling is not only satisfactory to the people whom you are smiling, but it is also self-satisfying.

18. Make your business place pleasurable to visit. For example, make sure your customers will have a parking space for their vehicles, have a customer desk for guide and information and have some stuff (magazine, free drinking water, candies, etc.) that they can enjoy while waiting for their turn.

19. Thank your customers. Make them feel proud and honored by thanking them and wanting them to return before they leave your business premises.

20. Pay attention to what they need by listening carefully or taking notes so that you could provide the things that will satisfy your customers.

21. Be friendly with the conversation and make your customers feel secure. Be patient, humble and polite when taking your customers’ order or demand.

22. Make personalized communication and make your customers feel special. When sending messages or communication letters online or offline, identify the real name of your customer and write personal texts rather than just repeated messages.

23. Apologize for your mistakes, not only by words, but also by actions that will correct your mistakes and make your customers feel satisfied.

24. Be honest and fulfill your promises so that you will not cause customer disappointment – the opposite of customer satisfaction. Honesty would also give trust, confidence and security to your customers.

25. Try your best to be fast so that your customers would not only save money but also time. However, don’t forget to always observe quality and excellence in your products or services. You can be efficient and effective if your business is more organized and strategic.

26. Be fair with all of your customers. Favoritism among your customers could make some of your customers feel less important in your company and could cause them dissatisfaction.

27. Deliver more than what they expect to wow your customers in a positive way. Always give them surprises that would further increase their satisfaction.

28. Satisfy your employees by giving them more monetary or nonmonetary benefits so that they would be more inspired and motivated to satisfy your customers.

29. Satisfy yourself because if you can’t even satisfy yourself then how could you satisfy others cheerfully?

30. Finally, help the world to become a better place so that your customers would be honored to know that the monies they are paying to you are going to a great cause.

There are still many other specific ways to increase your customer satisfaction. If you are dedicated to make your costumers or clients happy, you can always find a way to wow them.

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