33 Ways to be a Better Boss

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It’s nice to be the boss. You have the position, the power, the authority, and the opportunity to manage things and lead people. But not all bosses are loved by their subordinates. Oftentimes, they become the horrible characters in the workplace for employees. They become the villains rather than the heroic leaders inside an organization. If you’re the boss, you have to do something to change this common perception about bosses. You have to prove to your people that you’re not just a good manager to them, but you are someone who always do his or her best to become a better person who’s in-charge of the place. Here are 33 ways you can do to be a better boss:


1. Be a better boss to yourself

First, learn how to manage yourself as you cannot effectively manage other people without managing yourself first. Hence, have personal development. Develop good personal qualities, such as patience, diligence, peace of mind, kindness, compassion, and self-control which are vital to influencing yourself and other people.

2. Do not be too bossy

Anything that is too much is bad. Therefore, act like a boss but don’t act too bossy. Having the highest position doesn’t mean having all the positions to do or instruct just everything you want. Understand that, although you have the top position, you also have limitations to observe.

3. Be cheerful.

Bring smiles and good vibes to your employees. They need your cheer to start a bright day and complete a tiring day. Of course you have to start happiness within yourself. Hence, you have to brought joy into your life by having inner peace, by forgiving people, forgiving yourself, and moving forward with joy and hope.

4. Be grateful

Thank your employees for their loyalty and hard work in helping you and your team. Remember that a better boss is one that knows how to appreciate things and people. Thus, don’t forget everything good that they’ve done to grow your business or organization.

5. Show justice

Show equity and never make your employees feel that you are unfair. Making them feel that you are just means you have to observe and understand their feelings. Therefore, ask, talk, listen, and understand them.

6. Make honesty one of your best policies

Learn how to say no if it’s a “No” and learn how to say yes if it’s a “Yes”. Remember that your lies will ruin people’s trust and confidence in you. They could also destroy your trust and confidence in yourself.

7. Create effective strategies

Devise plans and strategic goals so that your followers will have a clear view or idea of what you are trying to instruct them to accomplish.

8. Execute effective tactics

Use short-term tactics or steps to support your strategies and make sure that they will move and advance. Remember that your strategies will not get you anywhere if you don’t have tactics. Tactics are executed by your subordinates (just like soldiers in the battlefield). Thus, you have to make sure that they are well-prepared and well-equipped to perform those tactics.

9. Improve your management style

Your management style is the manner of how you manage things and people in your organization. Usually, the people around you will notice it more than you do. Hence, to improve your management style, you have to get feedback from the people you are managing.

10. Improve your management principles

Assess the management principles you are implementing now. Are they giving you better results? Are your people happy and inspired with them? Is your business growing courtesy of your principles? If not, then you have to find and adopt new and better management principles.

11. Be a better leader

Leadership is the heart of management. To be a better boss, you should not just manage things, tools, and systems but you have to lead and influence human beings. Read this list of tips to becoming a better leader.

12. Make your employees feel valued

Have great care for your employees and don’t make them feel forsaken. Protect them from hazards of work, comfort them when they are sick, and pay them with the right compensation for their work.

13. Share honor and glory

Don’t claim all the successes earned by your team. Remember that it’s the teamwork that brought those successes. Therefore, learn how to share the glory and spotlight to your employees. Don’t forget to share awards and recognition to them.

14. Claim your share of blame

Being the boss doesn’t mean you’re immune to faults and blames. You have to realize that being the person who’s in-charge gives you the greatest responsibility and accountability for the failures of your team or department.

15. Do not be too persona

Know how to separate business and personal stuff. Realize that although you’re the boss you don’t have the right to intrude in your employees’ private lives. Moreover, be a better boss by learning how to forgive your employees, who have sinned to you personally. In other words, learn how to eliminate your personal grudges to them for the sake of your team’s success.

16. Show respect to your subordinates

Everyone must respect each other in the workplace, and the boss should not be exempted. Thus, you have to give due respect to your employees, such as by respecting their labor rights, human rights, and rights as women.

17. Be generous

If you want to be loved by your subordinates, put your love on them instead of putting your love on money. Be generous with your time and money. Show to them that you’re a boss who’s not greedy and can let go of material things to make employees happy.

18. Make your business more successful

Make your employees proud by doing your best to bring your business to success. Remember that even though you’re a kind-hearted boss, if your business is dying or becoming bankrupt, it would become a disappointment for everyone in your company. Hence, don’t just focus on managing people, but also give attention to managing your business systems and transactions.

If your customers are happy, your employees would be happy and honored too. Hence, you should also ensure that your customers are satisfied by ensuring quality and excellence in the workplace, where your employees are doing everything to produce products or provide services to your customers.

20. Be a better teacher

Your employees spend most of their time in the workplace. You have a big opportunity to teach and coach them. Don’t waste that opportunity. Share your knowledge, wisdom, and experience to help your team grow personally and professionally.

21. Be a better communicator

Learn when to speak and when to shut up. A better boss knows, not just how to speak fluently or speak with flowery words, but know how to speak with power. In other words, learn how to connect with people, not only through their ears, but also through their hearts and souls. Don’t just share words that can make them smile for an instant, but share powerful words that can actually transform their lives.

22. Be compassionate.

To be a better boss, you have to understand your people deeper. Thus, you have to feel what they are feeling, whether it’s joy or suffering. This will require you to get closer to them. You have to spend more time talking, listening, knowing, feeling, and understanding them.

23. Be the most diligent worker without boasting i

Being the boss doesn’t mean your job is just to sit in a comfortable chair while commanding everyone to do the difficult tasks for you. Being the boss means you have to do the most difficult jobs, which your subordinates cannot do. Furthermore, if you’re already doing the hard work and working even on Sundays, don’t brag it to your employees. It will only make you an immature boss or manager.

24. Live a simple and humble life

Have a good lifestyle. Be an inspiration to your employees or subordinates. It makes them more comfortable to work with you as their boss.

25. Hire the right team.

If you want to be a better boss, find and hire the right people. Don’t be in a company of bad employees. No matter how good you are, if you have bad employees, they might corrupt your good values and qualities. Hence, have quality control in your hiring and staffing process.

26. Empower your team

Train your team to develop their talents and skills. Prepare them to work in their own. And once they are ready, trust them to work without too much intervention from you.

27. Give them nice breaks.

It’s important to always bear in mind that your employees are not machines. They need adequate breaks and vacation to have the time and opportunity to recuperate from the stress and other pain they got from working.

28. Give surprises

If you want your employees or subordinates to be loyal to you, give them great things that they are not expecting. Give them bonuses and incentives they aren’t expecting. Help them in the times that they’re not expecting help from you.

29. Be persistent in motivating employees

Motivation doesn’t last long. That is why you have to motivate employees regularly and consistently. You have to constantly find ways and things that will motivate them.

30. Have a dream, mission and vision that inspire your employees

Unlike motivation, inspiration lasts longer. It can even last for a lifetime. Thus, find things that will have a big impact in your employees’ principles, belief, and life, such as your great dream, mission, and vision.

31. Do not lose authority

Be humble but don’t be too low to the extent that your employees will abuse you and not already respect you. You have to protect your power and authority to maintain balance inside your organization.

32. Be flexible

Remember that people are unique in their own. A management approach that is effective to one person may be ineffective to another. Thus, you have to be adaptive to any situation to become a better boss, not only to a few people, but to all your subordinates.

33. Do not stop improving yourself as a boss

Finally, keep on developing yourself personally and professionally as a boss to yourself and to your team. Remember that there are still many books and articles to read, mentors to follow and listen, lessons to be realized, skills to be acquired, and principles to be practiced in business, management, and leadership.

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