34 Ways to Build Online Presence for Your Business

Promoting business online Putting your business online is already a must nowadays since most people are now using the Internet. If your business is not visible or doesn’t have a presence online, you might lose a big opportunity to attract potential customers online and even lose competition against your business competitors who have already leveraged the Internet for their business success. To make sure you’re not losing customers, sales, profit, and your competition, here are 34 Internet marketing ways to build a strong online presence for your business.
1. Build a website for your business where you can put all your business information, including your company profile, products, news, articles, and other content.

2. Build a blog to regularly communicate to your online audience by publishing regular and fresh information about your business or about things that will help your customers and the society.

3. SEO your website or blog by optimizing its content and structure to become search-engine friendly and by building quality inbound links to increase its authority and rankings in search engine result pages.

4. Advertise on search engines through Google Adwords or Bing Ads to show your business on search engines’ sponsored ads.

5. Invite bloggers to blog about your business or invite them during your product launch so that they can write or blog about it.

6. Leave valuable and engaging comments on other blogs to get backlinks and to create good relationship with other bloggers.

7. Advertise on other website and blogs by purchasing ad space or by getting a featured post about your business.

8. Create a Facebook business page, invite Facebook users to like your page, interact with them by sharing useful posts and content, and build good relationships with them.

9. Advertise on Facebook by promoting your Facebook Page and posts with ads to engage your customers and their friends based on your target location, demographics and interests.

10. Create a Twitter profile and start attracting followers by sharing engaging, timely and useful tweets based on relevant hashtags.

11. Create a YouTube Channel and upload interesting videos about your business to attract more audience, influence your customers’ buying decisions, and grow your business online.

12. Join Pinterest as a business and share photos of your products and other interesting images about your business that will attract and engage people who could be your potential customers.

13. Claim your listing at Google Places and add your company information, photos and other things about your business to become more visible and searchable on Google searches and Google Maps.

14. Claim your business location at FourSquare so that people, who use this online mobile application, could found your business or location through their mobile phones when they are nearby, check in to your place when they visit it, and give useful tips or reviews about your business for other users of FourSquare.

15. Create a Google+ business page to increase your circles and promote your business on this social networking site owned by Google.

16. Create a company profile at LinkedIn to increase your visibility on the largest social networking site for professionals.

17. Use Instagram for your business by sharing beautiful photos about your business and telling interesting stories about your brand.

18. Join online forums or communities that are relevant to your business, and then help members by answering their questions and by providing solutions to their problems.

19. Create an account on slideshares.net and other related websites to educate people by sharing educational and useful presentations related to your industry.

20. Create an account on Scribd, Google Docs and other related websites to educate people by sharing useful documents related to your business and industry.

21. Create interesting infographics and share it on various infographic sharing websites, on your website, on your blog, on Facebook, and other social media places on the Internet.

22. Submit press release to free and paid news and press release sites to drive more traffic to your website and create more buzz about your business.

23. Write an eBook that will be useful to your target customers and share it for free in your website or in various eBook sharing websites.

24. Develop web applications, like Facebook application to get more subscribers and promote your business to more active Internet users.

25. Develop mobile applications, like Android applications to reach more people who are using mobile phones.

26. Contribute articles or guest posts on other relevant websites and blogs to build links, drive more traffic to your website, and increase your authority as an author or expert in your industry.

27. Submit your business to local business directories or to yellow pages to gain more links, boost your online presence, and increase your chance to be found by potential customers.

28. Create listing on free classified ads websites to be found by people on the Internet who are looking or needing your specific products or services.

29. Hold online contests on your website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter page and other online pages to keep them more active and engaging, and to attract more audience and participants who could be your potential customers.

30. Sponsor events of organizers who usually have a website and publish their events online together with their sponsors to increase your website’s backlinks and social mentions about your brand.

31. Donate to charities or non-profit organizations that usually have a website to let your business or company website be included in their list of donors.

32. Join clubs, association or organizations to expand your network and to be included in the official list of members in the website of those organizations.

33. Be a resource speaker on events that are usually covered by online publishers, webmasters and bloggers to let your business or brand be included or mentioned in their online news, stories or blog posts.

34. Finally, always ensure the quality of your business, products and customer service to wow your customers and encourage great word-of-mouth marketing offline and online.

So have you already started building your business presence on the Internet? What other ways do you suggest to grow our business online? I know there are many other ways and steps we can do to boost our Internet marketing campaign for our business success. We would be happy to hear your good ideas and insights.

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