5 Common Life Quotes that could Destroy Your Business

Me and rhino You can read them anywhere; you can hear them from anyone. Quotes and sayings could be highly motivating and inspiring, and they could touch the lives of many people, especially if these words were said by the truly great people and personalities of all time. We adopt and apply them in the many aspects of our life, such as in our work, in our business, and in our day-to-day life.

Entrepreneurs use motivational quotes to motivate themselves daily for ensuring the success of their business. However, not all of those sayings could give us a better change. There are popular quotes that can actually ruin our business and even our whole life. These misleading quotes are usually misquoted and incomplete but they become a common saying by most people.

Before believing and following any quote, and applying it to your business, make sure it would not bring you to failure. The following are 5 common life quotes that could destroy your business and even your entire life.

1. Follow your heart

Many people use this quote as a common advice to everyone who are about to make a big decision. Would you follow your heart or your brain? In your business, would you follow your feelings or your thoughts? Although following your heart can save you from the pain of over thinking, doing it could be dangerous and may lead you to destruction.

In doing business, managing things, leading people and influencing your customers, it’s not just about doing what you feel, but it’s about doing what is right. In other words, you have to choose and follow what’s right, whether it’s your brain or heart.

We should always listen to our heart, but it doesn’t mean we should always follow our heart. Our hearts can be corrupted with the impurities of the world, like hatred, envy, and foolishness. Thus, if you always follow your heart, you could be in danger of making decisions and actions out of your corrupted heart.

Following your heart without assessing if your heart is right could ruin your business. This can lead you to managing your employees out of your hateful or envious heart, or deal with your customers out of your foolish heart.

So would you follow your heart? No, not yet. Before we follow our hearts, we have to purify it first, and purifying it involves a lot of personal development practices, such as our constant search for peace, truth, and real happiness.

2. Be yourself

Be yourself sounds just like follow your heart. It’s very popular that we can always hear people, articles, books and movies quoting this phrase. Will you take this quote as a good advice in doing your business? Remember that “be yourself” is in a broad sense; it is a generic piece of advice. We know that if we want to succeed, we have to be specific and detailed. If you will hastily follow this advice, you could be risking your business and life. Why?

What if yourself lacks personal development? What if your true self is heading the wrong way, would you stay being yourself? In business, managing things and leading your people is a constantly progressive practice. You have to always change yourself for the betterment. Hence, instead of just following the quote be yourself, try to develop yourself first, before you say be yourself.

Being yourself is like saying be unique and have confidence in yourself. However, uniqueness, alone, will not make you successful. What if your unique attitudes are hated by your employees? What if your unique habits don’t make your customers happy? Moreover, having a confidence is not an easy process. To really have confidence in yourself, you have to train, practice, and even perfect yourself.

3. It is okay to make mistakes

Learning from our mistakes and standing up when we fail are great, but making mistakes? I don’t think making mistakes is okay. It’s true that we can learn a lot of good things from our mistakes. But success consists of many little successes. In other words, we need to have the habit of taking things seriously, whether it’s small or big, so that we can have as many successes we can have to build and form a big success.

Saying it’s okay to make mistakes is like saying “go and do whatever you want!”, anyway, you can always correct whatever mistake you would commit. We have to understand that time lost is never found again. We have to realize that most opportunities don’t knock twice. Hence, we have to be very careful not to make mistakes when making decisions and actions in our business.

Making mistakes, if developed as a habit by any business owner, entrepreneur, manager or marketer is a risky habit. Managers should always be careful in dealing with their subordinates. Marketers should always make the right decisions that will satisfy their customers. Remember that the trust you have built up with your employees and customers could instantly be ruined if you make a single mistake. Thus, take your business seriously and make it a habit to make even the little successes instead of making mistakes.

4. Money is the root of all evil

Who has not heard of this quote yet? This saying is popular, but the problem with this phrase is that it’s incomplete and misleading. There are people who think that money is the root of all evil, that’s why they do business without caring for it. Well, money is important in doing business. Business owners should be concerned about finance and economy because if they lose economic power, they might lose their business too.

The original quote came from the Bible, and it says…

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” 1 Timothy 6:10 (NIV)

Clearly, it says that the root of all kinds of evil isn’t money at all, but it’s the love of money, which is actually a human act. Love of money is also equivalent to greed and pride. That is why if you will keep on believing that money is the root of all evil, you won’t discover that it is actually you, your greed, your pride, and your love of money that is causing you misfortune. Remember that without uncovering the real culprit of your problems, you cannot prevent or solve them.

If you want to avoid evils, misfortune, and the like, don’t get rid of money, but get rid of your love of money.

5. What you think you become

The mind is everything; What you think, you become, is commonly attributed to the Buddha. This quote is also adopted by many popular authors in their books, especially those who strongly believe in the power of mind and thoughts as the primary responsible for a man’s success.

But here’s the problem: there is no accurate evidence that this quote is actually said by Gautama Buddha. Even the quote It is your mind that creates this world” is disputed.

So is it best to follow the quote what we think we become? I don’t think so. I agree that our mind and thoughts are powerful things that can help us attain success. However, we still need a strong desire from the bottom of our hearts and a series of actions to achieve that success.

In business, plans and imaginations will not get you anywhere if you won’t execute them. No matter how you think of making your workers and customers happy if you won’t get your hands on it, your business will fail.

Therefore, I believe that we cannot become what we only think. But we become what we keep on doing. Your business don’t become what you keep on thinking. It will become what you keep on doing.

Final thoughts

Perhaps you won’t agree with me. Maybe you won’t believe me. But I say, if you don’t want your business and your life to be destroyed, make sure you are following the right quotes and holding the right principles. We need to have a clear, specific and detailed map to guide us to success. Our road should also be accurate and complete. That is because if we will use a broad, unclear and incomplete direction, we might be heading the other way – the way to tragedy.

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