7 Little-known Qualities of a Great Content

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What’s the key to successful online marketing? What do we need to succeed in SEO and social media marketing? What do you need to offer in your website or blog to attract traffic and potential customers? Most online marketing experts and even Google will tell you that the answer to those questions is great content. We need high-quality content to rank well in search engines. We need awesome content to get loyal followers or subscribers in different social media channels. We always talk about having a great content. But what really is a great content?

When we hear of a great content, we usually think of unique, comprehensive, relevant, targeted, timely and useful contents, such as articles, images, infographics and videos. But did you know that quality content is not all about uniqueness, comprehensiveness, relevance, timeliness, and even usefulness? If you want to boost your content marketing campaign, discover the following 7 little-known qualities of a great content.

1. It’s not only timely but also timeless.

A great content doesn’t only help busy people save time by giving them simplified information that they can quickly read or consume, but it also help them realize that they can actually ignore time and enjoy some things in this world. When people read high-quality content, no matter how busy they are, they stop and forget time to enjoy every bit of such content. And what is it that’s making them stop and ignore time? It’s the moment.

Great content gives its readers or users great moments. Have you ever watched a movie ten times and still enjoyed it? You watch it over and over again because of those moments that can always touch you or make you smile every time you experience them. Now if you want your audience to enjoy your content over and over again, don’t just give them time, but also give them great moments.

2. It contains the sacrifices made by its author.

High-quality content is not measured by its length, but it’s measured by the time and effort sacrificed by its creator or author. Length is different from depth. A 5,000 word article can still be a poor content if it doesn’t have depth and power in it. On the other hand, a 500 word article can be considered high-quality content if it’s rich in information that can deeply penetrate the thoughts and emotions of its readers.

In a great content, no matter how long or short it is, we can deeply feel the effort and hard work put by its author in completing such content. Although we do not exactly know how much time and resources the author invested in his or her content, we could feel it when we consume his or her content. On the other hand, when the author is lazy and hasty, we can also feel those unwanted qualities in his or her content. Am I right?

3. It has the joy and passion of its author.

Another quality that we can feel in a great content is the joy put into it by its author. A great content, like an article, is written passionately and cheerfully by its author. When we read it, we can feel the enthusiasm and dynamism the author had when he or she was writing the article. That vigor or enthusiasm makes the content more lively, motivating and inspiring, which also make its readers or users game and engaging.

4. It has the honesty and humility of its author

A great content is honest and generous to reveal secrets, especially secrets to success. It doesn’t hold back information that can be useful to its target audience or users. It’s not also boastful but rather it has the quality of humility that makes people feel comfortable. When we read or experience a great content, we develop trust and confidence in it. We also feel the humility and intention of its author or creator to go down just to lift us up and make us comfortable.

5. It does not only target people but also build a tribe for those people

An exceptionally high-quality content doesn’t only target specific people or audience but it also creates a tribe or a community where its targeted people can have a sense of belonging. It gives its users the opportunity to meet and connect with other like-minded users. In other words, great content creators don’t just provide information, but they also provide social and networking opportunities, such as by organizing a conference, creating a community with like-minded people, and maintaining good relationship among the group.

6. It is not only useful but also rewarding

A great content doesn’t only help its users but also reward them for using it. High-quality content is shareable because it gives its users a sense of pride. It makes the users who share the content look great, cool or smart. It makes their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, and other social media channels bright and awesome when they share such great content in those social platforms.

7. It does not only has a great page but also a great home and brand

A great content brings with it its great author, homepage, and brand. Its users trust it just by looking at its author, domain name or the brand it has built over time.
Have you tried visiting Seth Godin’s blog? You will see that his blog posts are short in contrast with long and comprehensive posts published by other blogs. Some of his posts are even less than 100 words. But Seth Godin is one of the greatest marketers of our time. A few words from him may already have a great impact on his audience.


A great content is “high-quality” content because it has many qualities in it. Some of those qualities are obvious while others are hidden to many marketers. If you want to create a great content that will make your target audience or users happy and secure, make sure it is filled with, not only the ordinary qualities your audience see, feel and experience, but also with the extraordinary qualities that can wow them.

So have you tried to check the anatomy of your content? Does it have the qualities that will make it a high-quality content? Feel free to share your stories and insights in the comments below.


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  1. Lisa Chaves
    Lisa Chaves says:

    Completely agree with your points.

    Specially with #2 i.e. It contains the sacrifices made by its author.

    It is true that creating high quality content isn’t easy. We must need to sacrifice so many htings to write such a qualitative content. We must have to put so much time and efforts in order to make the post quality.

    You have mentioned such a true little known qualities in this article.

    Thanks for sharing it with us. 😀

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