7 Types of People You Must Have in Your Team

Team work is an important ingredient to every success. You cannot achieve your big objectives and you cannot win against bigger competitors without the help from other people. Thus, you have to form a team that will help you attain your elusive goals. However, not all teams actually work. That is why you have to be careful and wise when it comes to letting people to be part of your group. To increase your chance of success, consider the following 7 types of people you must have in your team.

Captain leader

1. The leader

The leader or the captain is the head of the team. He’s also the heart and the center of the group, as the group will die without him. He’s the decision maker and the one who gives the commandments for a team to move on and execute its plans. Without a good leader, your team, business or organization would be in chaos.

If you’re a business owner, you have to ensure that leadership exists in your company or organization. The existence of a manager or a boss in your business doesn’t absolutely mean leadership exists in it too. You should act as a leader to put the first important person in your team, you – the leader.

The leader is YOU in your business, unless otherwise you don’t want to be a leader, but anyone of the following.

Strategic game

2. The strategist

. The strategist is the brain inside the head of the group. He makes sure that the leader will not make a decision that will cause the team to fall. This is because there are times that the leader decides mainly according to his emotional heart, that is, without thinking carefully. The job of the strategist is to analyze all useful information available, to brainstorm for better strategies, and to devise a better plan for the team.

In the business world, without a strategist in your team, your business will not have a map and a direction, and will be beaten by your strategic competitors. Remember that business strategies can make a small business optimize its resources and win against its bigger competitors. Hence, don’t miss hiring a strategist in your company if you want to win your competition.

A strategist can be a manager or an executive officer in your business.


3. The tactician

. The tactician is the hands of the team. He puts the plan and strategies of the group into action. He is focused on the execution and achievement of the team’s short-term goals. The tactician may also think independently and come up with a short-term contingency plan based on its current situation to better accomplish the team’s long-term goal.

In business, plans and strategies are made in the board room. But they don’t always become what we expect when we bring them in the field. This gap is what tacticians fill in because they are the ones who are sent in the battlefield. They are the ones who experience the actuality in business or in any endeavor. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your plans and strategies are moving, don’t forget to have a tactician or tacticians in your team.

A tactician can be your employee or staff in your business.


4. The technician

. The technician or the specialist is the one who has a special capability or technique that is important to achieving the group’s objectives. He is like the tool of the team that makes the group’s movements, actions, and progress more efficient. His job is so special that no one can do it except him. He has spent considerable period of time to acquire his knowledge, skills, experience, and techniques to become a technician.

A business or any organization has many rooms for a technician. Technicians vary depending on their expertise. If you own a business and you want to promote your brand online, you can hire a SEO technician to do all the advanced tasks of optimizing your website to rank higher and be more discoverable on the search engines. So don’t waste your time doing jobs that you can’t do right or you can’t do efficiently. Leave it to the expert or to the technician.

The technician can be a special employee or an outsourced professional in your business.


5. The stylist

. The stylist is the one who’s in-charge of making the team look good and smooth in the eyes of the public. His job is to make the “manner of how the team moves” impressive. He also ensures that the group will earn support and approval from the public. He makes sure that the group will become charismatic.

A stylist may not be a popular member of the team, but his contributions can change the game played by the group. A business, organization or any team may be smart, strong, and successful, but it doesn’t mean that the public or the society will like them. Sometimes, they are even treated as enemy of the society.

Businesses and organizations, when they act and move, they leave a trail or pattern that they may not be aware of, but the public will notice. The job of the stylist is to find that pattern and make it likable or appealing in the eyes of the public. In other words, the stylist is the one that manages the integrity and reputation of the group, team, business or any organization. Thus, if you want your business to always look good to the masses, remember the stylist.

The stylist, like the technician, can also be an special employee or an outsourced professional in your business.

spy eyes

6. The spy

. Information is one of the most powerful weapons or even the most powerful weapon that exists. All the five members above need information to succeed in their respective tasks and duties. The spy is the one who ensures that those pieces of information used by everyone in the team is accurate and highly competitive. His job is to wander and gather important information that will ensure the success and victory of his team.

The spy is one of the most important person in an organization, as he can turn the tide of the game. In our history, countries and kingdoms rely on the capability of the spies to gather the information they need to win their wars. In business, intelligent data are also pivotal to winning the market competition. Your business and marketing plan need data from the competition. You strategies and tactics also need information about your competitors to ensure that your business will win the competition. The spy is a person who’s trained and skilled in getting those intelligent data. Hence, if you want a competitive edge, get a spy to be part of your team.

A spy handles very important data. Hence, he must be well-compensated and must be loyal to your team. The spy can be a secret employee or professional in your business.

the warrior

7. The crazy one

. The crazy one sounds like crazy but he can be the hero in your team. He does the extraordinary things that no one in the group can do or even imagine. He is bold and unpredictable. Unlike the strategist, he seems to not rely on intelligence, logic, and common sense. He relies on his instinct and pure will. The job done by the crazy one is not even an official job. His job just sprout out of nowhere when the group is in danger. He’s the miracle person in a team.

In business, people face risks. They take caution, and sometimes become afraid to take those risks, causing them to lose big rewards and opportunities. The crazy one is not afraid to take those risks. He’s also the one who gives courage and hope to everyone when all in the group is feeling afraid and hopeless. He’s the one who will pursue the goal and chase the dream of the group no matter what other people will say about him and no matter how they will think that he’s acting like crazy. Thus, his presence in the group is very important.

The crazy one can be anyone in your business or organization.


People are powerful assets in every business or organization. However, we have to recruit the right people to form the most powerful team we can have to win our competition and achieve our goals. The 7 people mentioned above can definitely give your team an advantage. They have their own contributions that will add as an ingredient to your organizational success. Hence, if they are missing in your team, take time, pay attention, invest money, and exert efforts to find them and make them part of your team.

If your business or organization is small, then maybe you can find some of those types of people in one person. For example, you can be the leader and the strategist at the same time. But again, several heads is better than one. So it’s up to you to decide, whether you should invest or not. Perhaps you can also be the crazy one.


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      Victorino Abrugar says:

      Thanks Tammy! I appreciate your sharing of the article. Yes, I agree, small groups should also consider these types of people. For a solo entrepreneur, he can have these 7 personalities, though it’s really difficult. 🙂

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