77 Practical Tips to Improve Yourself

Meditating for self-improvement

Self-improvement is key to improving other people, your business, your career, your nation, and even the world. We have to help ourselves first to help others. Thus, you have to begin developing yourself and make it a habit to make yourself better everyday. So without further ado, I give you 77 practical tips to improve yourself now:

1. Meditate

Start meditation or reflection. It’s one of the best ways you can do now to be with yourself, know who you are, and find out what else can you do to make your personal and spiritual life better.

2. Dream bigger

Dreams drive our entire life. The bigger and more powerful dreams we have, the more we can improve and push our life to a new level. Besides, dreaming is free, isn’t it?

3. Make smarter goals to support your dream.

At the start, a dream seems to be an impossible ambition. But if you want to achieve your dream, create SMARTER (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound, Evaluated and Reevaluated) goals to reinforce your dream.

4. Break down your yearly goal in to monthly goals

Divide and conquer! This is to ensure that you will have monthly accomplishments instead of trying to do it all before the year ends. If you do that, your chance of achieving your goals will improve right now.

5. Forgive someone who have sinned to you

This will help you develop kindness, forgiveness, and peacefulness.

6. Admit a mistake

This will help you develop humility, honesty, responsibility, and accountability.

7. Ask forgiveness to someone whom you have sinned

If you can give forgiveness, you also have to ask for forgiveness to make your life peaceful and moving forward.

8. Forgive yourself

After admitting your mistake, don’t be a prisoner of your regrets. Do something to make up on your mistake. Stop punishing yourself too much.

9. Forget something in the past that is troubling your present and future

To achieve inner peace, forgiving is not enough. You have to forgive, forget, and forward.

10. Thank someone who have done something good to you

This will help you become a person of gratitude and appreciation.

11. List down some of your principles in life that affect how you live everyday

Review and check them if they are really making your life better. If they are not, then reject them and find better principles in life. Remember that your life’s principles are your convictions – they shape your life.

12. Know your religion

Know its doctrines or the main beliefs it follows. Check if they are true, reasonable or justifiable by researching its origin in the past and by reflecting on its consequences in your present and future life. Remember that religion has a great impact in your life. Hence, improve your religion if you want to improve yourself.

13. Challenge yourself and face something that you are afraid of

Overcome one of your fears. If you can’t overcome it now, at least face it. It’s already a good start to overcoming your fears.

14. Challenge someone

Boost your talents, skills, and willpower by challenging someone in a friendly competition. If you want to get stronger, challenge the people who are stronger, bigger, and more powerful than you, not the people whom you know you can easily beat.

15. Spend a day without access to the Internet

Stop wasting time on social media. Escaping the Internet world even just for a day would help you reduce tech stress. It will also help you minimize your social media addiction.

16. Spend a day with your loved ones with your phone and other communication device turned off

Be more personal and human instead of being more technological even just for today.

17. Separate your business and personal matters

Learn how to balance your personal life and business life. Leave your work at the office and don’t bring it at home, especially in places where your family needs your time and attention the most. Your business and personal life should not mingle, conflict, and destroy each other.

18. Know your partner further

If you want to improve your relationship with your partner, know him or her better. Remember that loving starts from knowing.

19. Consider your problems as challenges

Instead of viewing them as punishments and misfortunes, consider them as opportunities to move up your life to a higher level.

20. Learn how to be resourceful

Find out the assets or resources you have but you don’t utilize. Start utilizing them, whether they are tangible or intangible. For example, if you have a talent that you’re not utilizing, use them now to make money or honor. If you have some stuff that you are not using anymore, consider selling or leasing them for profit to improve your finance.

21. Make a list of random acts of kindness

Start doing each of them everyday. It doesn’t need to be big acts. What matters most is that by doing a simple little act of kindness, you can encourage others to do the same too. Let kindness originate in you.

22. Refocus your focus.

If you think your focus is losing, focus once more. You have to know your distractions, especially the distractions that are hiding as sweet opportunities, which actually exist to destroy your original plan.

23. Go out from a comfort zone.

Going out of a comfort zone doesn’t always mean a big decision, like going to entrepreneurship from employment. We have so many little comfort zones. Find them out now and try to go out even just from one of them.

24. Read articles about predictions of the future

Get insights from them. It will help you earn ideas of what will happen in the future . It will also improve yourself as a visionary.

25. Learn history and geography.

Get ideas from where you came from or even where humanity came from. This will help you gain ideas of the past and understand yourself and the world further. You can also try astronomy to explore, not only time, but also space.

26. Reduce your TV time.

It will save you energy, money, and time. Turning off your television will also help you focus on your work.

27. Travel to a place you have not been in your life

Explore new places. Explore new people, culture, and experiences. Have a glance to the other side of the world.

28. Buy stuff that are actually affordable but you do not have time to buy

Often, we neglect to buy cheap, small, but important things (e.g., small household items, new socks and handkerchiefs), because of our busy schedule or because they aren’t our priorities. Improve yourself a little by buying these things now.

29. Save a penny

If you have extra money now, think carefully before you waste it. A little saving is already a good start to improve your personal finance now.

30. Pay a debt.

This will reduce your financial obligations and will improve your financial freedom.

31. Invest your money

Take the risk, the hope, the excitement, and the great lessons in investing. You can start by investing a small amount of money, especially if you don’t have experience in any investment yet.

32. Allocate some of your money for an emergency fund

The more preparation you have for yourself, the more confidence you will have for the future. Prepare for the rainy days – start setting up your emergency fund. You can set it up little by little.

33. Work an extra hour to increase your earnings

If you want to improve your income, work for more, whether you are working for your business or for your employer.

34. Hire an expert. Do not be too harsh to yourself

Don’t do the things you can’t really do just to save money. It will actually waste your time, as well as your money if your output will be a mistake. Hence, leave that work to an expert.

35. Think longer, deeper, and broader

You want to be smarter? If you want to become more intelligent, practice longer, deeper, and broader thinking. Think like a scientist who spend more time thinking in his lab or an artist who spend more time imagining on his masterpiece.

36. Watch what you eat

If you will eat healthier and more nutritious food, it will certainly improve yourself.

37. Eat slowly

It will make your body healthier and will teach you how to be classy.

38. Drink moderately

It will get you out from drunkenness and from the illness caused by heavy drinking. It will also teach you how to be classy.

39. Start your regular exercise

Have you been planning to execute your workout plan? Okay, just start and do it even if it means you will be draging yourself into it. Often, we don’t need to use our brain which gives us hesitations. We just need to use our body to start exercising.

40. Consider hiking

If you can do this, this is a great activity to challenge your mind and body. It will also help you eliminate a lot of stresses from work. Being successful to climb to the top of a mountain will give you a great feeling.

Keep yourself away from constipation. Maintain a healthy excretory system to improve yourself.

42. Debunk a myth.

Don’t live with lies or hoaxes. Try to do a research now to debunk some myths, especially health myths.

43. Start finding an answer to one of your greatest questions in life

Gain more knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and insight by looking for an answer to one of your long-reigning questions in life. Get yourself nearer to enlightenment. Don’t be afraid to know the whole truth.

44. Start training yourself a new skill

Learn how to drive a car, swim, shoot a gun, cook a new dish, sing a song, play a piano or any skill that you don’t have now.

45. Read a book.

Choose a book (e.g, a personal development book) that will motivate and inspire you to make your life even better. Reading a book will also help you absorb the wisdom of its author.

46. Watch an inspiring movie

Grab your popcorn, sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie that will inspire you to change your life for the better.

47. Teach and train someone

By becoming a teacher or a coach, you will also learn new strategies, tactics, techniques, and styles from the people you train. If you will add a student or a disciple in your life, it will surely be counted as an improvement in yourself.

48. Empower people.

Empowering people (i.e., your employees, followers, students, and even your children) will teach you how to give trust and independence to others. By trusting people to do something in their own, your tasks would be reduced and you can welcome other tasks that will make your life go even further.

49. Let yourself be taught

Acknowledge that you need to learn more. Find your own teacher, coach or master who will teach you things that you have not known before.

50. Make a stand before your real choice.

Say no to someone who’s asking you to do something you honestly don’t want to do. Say yes to someone who’s asking you to do something you honestly want to do.

51. Tell someone a message you have been wanting to tell for so long

Do you want to tell someone that you love her but you don’t have the courage to do it? If it’s the right thing to do and it conforms morality, go tell her now and set yourself free. If rejection comes, it would be an opportunity for you to look for someone who’s better and more compatible with you.

52. Show up

Woody Allen once said that “80 percent of success is showing up”. Hence, get a little more confidence and show what you got!

53. Return something you borrowed to its owner

Whether it’s a book or another thing, learn how to return stuff that you borrowed to its owner. It will clean your room, desk, and your obligation.

54. Listen to your critics.

Check out people’s feedback on you and get some useful data to improve yourself and how you are dealing with them.

55. Ignore worthless critics

Listen to your critics but don’t waste too much time listening to worthless people who can’t say anything sensible and who are only there to pull you down.

56. Learn how to be a diplomat

Be a man of peace and diplomacy. Learn how to talk, negotiate, and compromise for peacefulness to avoid worthless wars and fighting.

57. Find a professional group where you belong.

It can be a community or association according to your profession. There, you can learn from other people who share the same interest and passion as yours. You could start looking for these groups on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social networking websites.

58. Find new friends who are inspiring

Increase your friends who are being successful with their lives. You can also learn from their failures.

59. Start befriending the nature.

Grow your awareness with our Mother Nature. Learn how to be friendly with plants, trees, animals, air, and even people. Understand that we need to live each other in unity and harmony, and avoid hurting each other.

60. Comfort someone who is in despair

Start developing empathy and compassion. Do you have a friend who’s brokenhearted right now? Why not make a call? Or if possible, a visit?

61. Do charity

It is more blessed to give than to receive. So if you want to improve yourself now, get more blessings by doing charity and practicing generosity.

62. Take a break or a nap

Are you tired right now? Is your brain not functioning the way you want them to function anymore? Why not take a nap?

63. Sleep early tonight

No matter what you do, if you don’t sleep early tonight, you can’t wake up early tomorrow from a good sleep. So if you want to be an early riser, be an early sleeper.

64. Break a bad habit

A habit is something that you do almost everyday. If you want to break a bad habit, force yourself to not do it even just for today. Start breaking it today. And if you are more serious to break it, you can break it again and again in the following days until you break it totally.

65. Clean your room, house, and work station

It will also clean your eyes and mind, and will make your daily tasks go smoothly.

66. Organize your computer files

This is even easier than cleaning your room. You don’t need to get your hands dirty. So why not organize files and folders in your desktop or mobile computer?

67. Get rid of mobile apps that make your smart phone slow and stupid.

Start removing unwanted files and applications in your mobile phone to make your mobile life faster, smoother, and smarter.

68. Upgrade your tools and gadgets

Tools are for making your everyday life easier. But sometimes they don’t work that way. If you phone, laptop, internet connection, office equipment, and other machines are making your life miserable, try upgrading them.

69. Groom yourself

Have a new haircut, buy new shoes, update your resume, wash your car – these are only some of the things you can do to groom yourself now.

70. Visit a doctor

Consult with a health expert to determine your body’s current status. A good health advice from an expert should keep you from improving yourself.

71. Reduce your pride or ego.

The key to reducing your pride is increasing your humility. If you can do numbers 5, 6 and 7 above, you can do even more. So just take note that trying to go lower will actually give you an opportunity to be stronger and have the courage to lift people around you. This is the reason why a humble person always win friends and followers – he can go low to lift people up.

A style is a manner of doing something. Evaluate your lifestyles. Assess your business styles, management styles, leadership styles and other styles in life. If you can observe that they aren’t working and they are failing you over and over again, stop them now before you waste you life on them.

73. Learn how to lead yourself.

You cannot become a good leader to your followers if you can’t even lead yourself effectively. Read this 12 tips to successful self-leadership to learn more.

74. Make your motivation daily

Unlike an inspiration that can last a year or even a lifetime, motivation usually doesn’t last long. That is why you have to motivate yourself daily starting now.

75. Extend your patience and persistence today.

Every success needs patience and tenacity. If you feel like giving up now, extend your patience and endurance even just for today. If you can extend it farther, the better.

76. Make a sacrifice

You cannot grow your life or attain success if you won’t make a sacrifice. So ask yourself now, what particular things can you sacrifice to improve yourself now? Trust yourself, have courage, and make that sacrifice.

77. Make a surprise.

Okay, if there are people who don’t believe in you, if there’s someone who doesn’t think you can do something great today, surprise them now!

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