8 Ways to Motivate Your Employees Effectively

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As an employer or a manager of a business organization, you have to learn how to motivate and make your employees happy so that they would become more productive and will help your company become more profitable and stable. But managing human beings isn’t an easy task. You have to learn how to deal, not only with their thoughts, but also with their feelings and emotions. If you want to make your workers happy, motivated and more productive, here are 8 ways to motivate your employees effectively.

1. Create organizational goals that will make them happy.

Let your employees know and feel that your plans and goals would benefit them. Make them feel that your business is not only running for yourself but it is also existing to make everybody happy in the workplace. So let your dream be a dream for everybody so that your employees would be more inspired to realize your common dream or goal.

2. Make your words powerful

You don’t need to shout or to speak with an intimidating voice to show the power of your words as a manager or leader in your workplace. To make your words powerful, make your words true. In other words, make it happen. That way, its power will not only influence your employees’ ears, but also their mind, heart and spirit.

3. Listen to your employees’ inner voice

Letting your workers talk and listening to what they say would improve communication within your organization. However, you should not just listen to what they say, but you should also listen to what their hearts are saying. Employees may talk, but there is a possibility that they won’t tell all their concerns to you. To encourage them to speak honestly, you have to show them that you have compassion by assuring that you would understand what’s really happening to them.

4. Be generous

Apparently, a greedy boss will discourage his employees. Thus, you have to show them that you don’t have greed for money and even for fame. Give your employees bonuses and incentives, especially when your business reports profit. Also, share spotlight to your workers when your company is recognized and honored. Don’t just take all the money and honor gained by your business. Remember that your employees contribute a lot in order for your business to acquire them.

5. Empower your employees.

Challenge your workers or subordinates by giving them enough space and freedom to do their tasks on their own. This will also make them feel that you trust them and you’re being faithful to their talent, skills and potentials.

6. Teach and train your workers regularly

Of course don’t just put your workers in their assigned tasks without proper training. Empowering employees should also be done by powering them. In other words, you have to put them into training to further their knowledge and enhance their skills. You can be their personal coach or you can also send them to outside training, seminars and workshops.

7. Motivate their family

Make your business a family-friendly organization. Respect your employees’ time or day that is usually spent for their family members or loved ones, such as Sundays, birthday of their family members, and other special days. If you will overload your employees with work, they may not have enough time for their family. This would discourage their family members, as well as your employees.

8. Motivate yourself

If you want to motivate your employees, you have to show to them that you, yourself, are motivated. Your subordinates rely on you. They consider you as the person who has the power, strength and authority to lead your business. Thus, you have to keep strong despite of any problems and troubles you are personally experiencing.

You will face a lot of challenges in doing business, and one of the greatest challenges is to effectively and efficiently manage your people to work as a team and achieve your common goals. That is why you have to always practice your management and leadership skills. You have to be humble to admit your mistakes and be accountable to correct them.

Finally, always positively influence everyone inside your team, which includes your employees, your middle managers and yourself, to make your business thriving so that everyone can see the fruits of their labor. And of course, don’t forget to share those fruits to your team.

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  1. Harry
    Harry says:

    I would also add that you need to reward them appropriately. Small, frequent rewards work lot better than one big bonus check at the end of the year. The reward does not even need to be monetary. Find out what each employee really wants and give them when they don’t expect it. Even a simple THANK YOU can go a long way as long as it is genuine.

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