9 Reasons Why You’re not a Good Leader

where are the leaders Good leadership is vital in every organizational success, whether it’s a business organization, a society or a government. Without an effective leader, a business, a team, a community or a nation would fail. That is why every aspiring leader should see to it that their leadership would not be turned bad. As a reality check, the following are 9 reasons why people are not considering you as a good leader to them:

1. You listen without acting

You pretend to care for your people by hearing their stories, concerns, and problems. However, you’re not doing anything to solve their problems. In other words, you’re just a listener but not a doer. People think you’re either a lazy leader or an incapable one.

2. You act without listening, feeling and understanding

You act immediately without knowing and realizing the real situation of your people. You think you have the solutions without even understanding the real problems. Consequently, your actions are ineffective, useless, and your people suffer.

3. You’re always blaming other people

Your followers and division leaders are disgusted with your leadership style because you’re always putting the blame on them instead of taking your responsibility and accountability.

You’re like a traditional politician who makes promises but breaks them. Your followers don’t trust you anymore. They think you’re a liar and your words don’t have credibility in them anymore.

5. You’re letting other leaders lead your people

Because of your incompetence and ineffectiveness, your people are already relying on other leaders. Other leaders and organizations are able to help and comfort your own people before you do because you are inefficient and doesn’t have a clear action plan intended to help your people when they need it.

6. You’re too busy in faking yourself to look good to the public

Your only concern is a good publicity for yourself. You’re too conscious on what other people will say about you, and you resort on window dressing your own image just to look good in front of the media and the public. You’re too busy on those things without attending to your main responsibility and duty as a leader, that is, to serve and make the lives of your people better even if it means sacrificing your own interest.

7. You can’t lead yourself

You can’t lead yourself to have good attitudes, values, and habits. You couldn’t teach yourself how to have patience, hard work, joy, and self-control. You can’t even inspire and motivate yourself. You don’t know how to develop yourself. Because you can’t even lead and love yourself, you can’t also lead and love other people.

8. You don’t teach your followers to become good leaders

Great leaders produce great leaders. Bad leaders produce bad leaders or do not produce any leader at all. Another reason why you may not a good leader is your inability to teach, inspire, motivate, and produce new-generation leaders among your followers. This is probably because you don’t serve as a good role model to your people.

9. You’re wasting your privilege to lead

Not everyone is given the honor and opportunity to lead and serve people. That is why leadership is a great privilege every leader should not waste. Great leaders are honored and grateful to have this privilege, and they dedicate their life to serve their people at their best. On the other hand, worst leaders waste that opportunity to serve other people and become great men. Instead, they grab the opportunity to fulfill their own interest and become lowly men.


Your followers can tell what kind of leader you are to them. Through self-reflection, you can also tell if you are a good leader or a bad leader to your people. To make yourself a better leader, always listen and understand your people, yourself, and do something based on what you have listened and understood.

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