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33 Ways to be a Better Boss

It’s nice to be the boss. You have the position, the power, the authority, and the opportunity to manage things and lead people. But not all bosses are loved by their subordinates. Oftentimes, they become the horrible characters in the workplace for employees. They become the villains rather than the heroic leaders inside an organization. […]

28 Ways to become a Better Marketer

  Growing up is a full-time job, whether you are growing yourself, your business or your career. If you’re in the field of marketing, you have to constantly develop yourself as a marketer to survive and succeed in this tough and very challenging profession. If you own a business, you also have to consistently hone […]

How to be a Classy Blogger

How many bloggers are there in the world? A million? According to this statistic, there are an estimated 31 million bloggers in the US alone. So if we are counting the world, there could be hundred millions of bloggers worldwide. Truth be told, bloggers are not all alike. There are bloggers who are admired by […]

26 Tips to become a Better Leader

Leadership is not just a job for a living but it is a job of a lifetime. It’s a duty of a lifetime that leaders should do, whether with a full or empty stomach. It’s a job that doesn’t only aim to develop a business, but grow people and a generation. As leading should be […]

6 Ways Managers can become True Leaders

Leadership should be in the heart of management. Without the qualities of a true leader, managers would find it difficult to influence people to achieve a common goal. That is why they have to learn how to become real leaders. The following are 6 ways managers like you can become true leaders:

77 Practical Tips to Improve Yourself

Self-improvement is key to improving other people, your business, your career, your nation, and even the world. We have to help ourselves first to help others. Thus, you have to begin developing yourself and make it a habit to make yourself better everyday. So without further ado, I give you 77 practical tips to improve […]

12 Reasons Why Blogging is One of the Greatest Jobs in the World

  Blogging has been here for years, and from the simple process of keeping an online journal, it has already evolved into a hybrid multifunctional practice. Although there are some people who are giving the blogging industry a bad name (putting their primary interest on making money online instead of providing value to people), blogging […]

Top 20 Differences between Managers and Leaders

Managers and leaders may have similarities, such as they both influence people and help in attaining the success of an organization. But management and leadership are two different things. A number of authors have already attempted to compare and illustrate the distinctions between a manager and a leader. Alas, some of them have described managers […]