12 Reasons Why Blogging is One of the Greatest Jobs in the World

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Blogging has been here for years, and from the simple process of keeping an online journal, it has already evolved into a hybrid multifunctional practice.

Although there are some people who are giving the blogging industry a bad name (putting their primary interest on making money online instead of providing value to people), blogging is still one of the toughest and most celebrated jobs on the planet, especially if the person doing it (the blogger) do it the right way.

I am a blogger, and I’m honored to be one. The following are 12 reasons why I consider blogging as one of the greatest jobs in the world:

1. Bloggers have to face a battalion of competitors

There are hundreds of millions of blogs and hundred billion of blog posts in the world. WordPress.com blogs alone are almost 75 million – so think about the other blogging platforms like Blogger, Tumblr and self-hosted WordPress blogs. Even if a certain blogger will narrow his niche, he would still face a multitude of other competing blogs and blog posts. Thus, bloggers have to work hard, be patient, and be persistent to stand out from the crowd.

2. Bloggers are writers, editors and publishers in one

Lone bloggers do it all – researching, writing, editing and publishing. A blog post is not just a mere article. It is a content that pass through many processes. Hence, the creation of a single quality blog post takes a lot of time, effort ,and dedication. Every blogger starts as a single blogger, and they know how hard it is to finish a good blog post, not to mention some bloggers are doing this everyday.

3. Bloggers have to understand the tech stuff

Blogging involves technical works, such as website design and development. Bloggers should also understand how the Internet, the search engines, and the social media work. Moreover, they have to continuously battle online and technical threats, such as spamming, hacking, and phishing.

4. Bloggers do marketing

The job of bloggers doesn’t end after publishing a blog post. To ensure that their newly published content would reach to their target number of audience and compete with other contents on the same category, they have to implement Internet marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and paid online advertising. Aside from online marketing, they also implement offline and more personal marketing, such as relationship marketing and word-of-mouth marketing.

5. Bloggers do entrepreneurship

Most bloggers are people who have escaped the employment chain and take the risks to become self-employed and be their own boss. They pursue their passion despite of the financial risks they could face in leaving their daytime job. Just like other entrepreneurs, a number of bloggers start from a scratch and face the difficult challenges of making a great change in their lives.

6. Bloggers are doing business

Bloggers also have to make money with their blogs. They have to earn profit for living. Thus, they are doing business transactions, such as finding customers, providing services, selling their own products, promoting affiliate products, buying advertising, accounting, outsourcing services, and hiring a team to help them achieve their business goals. Some bloggers have already turned their blogs into successful companies, contributing significant taxes to the government and providing more jobs to the unemployed ones.

7. Bloggers do management

Bloggers have to manage a lot of things: processes, systems, tools, time, and people. They do the planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. They also serve as bosses, whether they employ people or they are only the bosses of themselves.

8. Bloggers are artists

A blog needs to catch its audience’ eyes. Thus, bloggers have to come up with a great blog design. Every blog post also needs beautiful images and relevant videos. Hence, they often become photographers, graphic designers, and video producers. Furthermore, bloggers also need to have a great writing style to catch the attention of their readers.

9. Bloggers are scientists

Yes, bloggers become scientists too. They do a lot of experiments and test their hypothesis, especially when it comes to marketing. Bloggers have to gather raw data, such as the number of their blogs’ traffic, visitors’ demographics, audience engagement, and conversion rate to transform them into useful information. In other words, they become data scientists.

10. Bloggers teach a lot of people

Blogging is about delivering useful information using the Internet technology. Through this, bloggers are able to become teachers on their respective categories. And because blogs can be accessed worldwide, bloggers could become a teacher to millions of people. And yes! Most bloggers are teaching and sharing their own secrets for free.

11. Bloggers influence the world

Bloggers have been moving and shaking the world. They inspire people and even nations with their great influence on the Internet and social media. Whether they are political bloggers, business and finance bloggers, tech bloggers or lifestyle bloggers, their expertise, stories and opinions could have a big impact to many people (Check out the top 100 most influential blogs according to Technorati). You won’t only see bloggers on the Internet, you can also see successful bloggers featured on magazines and interviewed on TVs. Some bloggers have also become best-selling book authors and inspiring public speakers.

12. Bloggers have to maintain their integrity

Bloggers are public personalities. They have to earn enduring trust and confidence from their audience and from the society to make sure that their blog posts will be relied upon, their business will thrive, and their journey will continue. Thus, bloggers are bound by honesty, integrity, and excellence. They have to be professional and ethical. They have to continue developing themselves to provide better information everyday.

Final thoughts

There are people who may disagree on me, but blogging is one hell of a job. It’s not just a simple process of getting a blog, writing blog posts, promoting them to target audience, and waiting to make money online or to gain fame. Blogging is sharing information that could touch people’s lives and change the world. It’s one of the toughest jobs in the world. No wonder why many people who attempt to blog don’t succeed at all.

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  1. Willa @ The Bloggers Journal
    Willa @ The Bloggers Journal says:

    I’ve been blogging for 13 years and counting,even before marketing and sales took over the blogging world and use it for their advantage like it’s an advertising platform and it is because of that reason that unfortunately, the #12 doesn’t apply to too many bloggers here in the Philippines.

    • Victorino Abrugar
      Victorino Abrugar says:

      It’s indeed sad to know. That’s why, we bloggers, should start promoting the blogging industry in the Philippines and uphold its integrity. Filipino bloggers should learn how to be world class and become competitive in the global arena.

    • Victorino Abrugar
      Victorino Abrugar says:

      Hi Stuart. Thank you for including this post in your SJD Content Awards. Yes, there are really great reasons why bloggers like us should love what we are doing. I just visited your blog, and I love it. The design is also simple yet impressive.

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