How to be a Classy Blogger

classic bloggingHow many bloggers are there in the world? A million? According to this statistic, there are an estimated 31 million bloggers in the US alone. So if we are counting the world, there could be hundred millions of bloggers worldwide. Truth be told, bloggers are not all alike. There are bloggers who are admired by many people and there are also bloggers whose blogs are seemingly not receiving any attention.

With the tough and competitive industry, bloggers have to bring their blogs to the top-tier level to stand out from the crowd. They have to be classy and maintain that elegance from the beginning till the end. So if you’re an aspiring blogger, here are 5 ways on how you can become a classy blogger:


1. Do not hesitate to invest money

Yes baby, if you want to achieve quality and elegance, you have to spend money. Quality needs your sincerity. You have to make a sacrifice and invest money to achieve quality. If you want to be a classy blogger, buy your own domain name, get a reliable web hosting, and invest in your blog’s design or theme. If you’re indeed a serious blogger, you would choose premium products rather than their lower quality versions for your blog.

2. Be an expert

Classy bloggers are not wannabe writers or authors. They don’t brag it but they are expert in their field. They know what they are blogging. They know what they are talking. So if you want to be a classy blogger, choose a topic that you’re expert at. Don’t choose a topic just because it is what’s hot right now or it is where money are pouring.

3. Use inbound marketing

Have you seen classy bloggers using megaphone marketing or begging for attention in the social media? Have you noticed them spamming or doing dirty SEO tactics just to get traffic from the search engines? No, you won’t see them doing those things. Why? That is because they are doing inbound or magnet marketing. By focusing on the quality and excellence of their blog’s content, they are letting their blog posts promote themselves in the social media, search engines, and beyond.

Therefore, be an elegant blogger by dedicating most of your time on creating high-quality content rather than on advertising and promotion. Let your audience taste the elegance of your content. Once your audience learn how sweet your contents are, they will be the ones to spread the good news about your blog through word-of-mouth marketing.

4. Make money gradually

Don’t be hungry with money. Just like a truly classy person who eats and drinks slowly, make money gradually and don’t rush in like most bloggers do. Do not promote or advertise low-quality products and brands on your blog just to make instant cash. Don’t clutter your blog with too many ads – that’s not classy. Remember that classy bloggers do business and make money while maintaining elegance.

5. Enjoy your freedom

Finally, be happy and enjoy your independence as a blogger. Avoid being dictated or influenced by your advertisers and other parties. Just blog because that is what you want to blog and not because that is what you are paid to blog. Remember that classy bloggers fight for their freedom to blog. No one can dictate them and no one can stop them from blogging what they love.

I hope those 5 blogging tips above have given you ideas on how to maintain your quality and elegance as a blogger. Happy blogging!

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