How to be an Effective Manager to Your Employees

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Being an employer or a manager is one of the most challenging jobs you will encounter as a business owner. Since your workers or employees are the people within your organization, you have to build a deeper relationship with them – even deeper than your relationship with customers. You have to strive in motivating and making them happy to be productive and to stick with your company. If you want to learn more on how to be an effective manager to your employees, here are 10 tips to build stronger and deeper relationship with them.

1. Manage yourself.

Your job as a manager is not only managing your employees or subordinates – you have to start by managing yourself. You have to start by developing yourself, acquiring powerful principles, good values, and effective habits that will make you an effective leader. You need to be patient, hardworking, organize, dedicated, consistent, honest and smart – and all of these could only be acquired through personal development.

2. Hire the right employees.

During the hiring process, do not only measure people’s talents, skills and intelligence. You also have to evaluate their values, dreams and potentials. You should not only hire talented and smart people, but you should also welcome people who are trainable, manageable and could go along with you through thick and thin. Remember that staffing or hiring is one of the important functions of a manager.

3. Be a boss but don’t be too bossy.

Managers are bosses – they have to show their powers to rule and control their subordinates. However, these powers and authorities should not be used excessively. Controlling is not all about strength and power. Controlling is also about being gentle and understanding. To be an effective manager to your employees, you have to learn how to show your power and at the same time your gentleness.

4. Lead by actual example.

Always have the heart of management – leadership. As a manager and as a leader, you should not only lead by hypocritical example – you have to lead by example with honesty and sincerity. If you want to motivate and inspire your employees, you have to show to them and let them feel that you are naturally a good leader.

5. Show and give respect.

Respect is a big deal to humans. If you want to gain trust and confidence from your workers, you have to respect your own words and fulfill them. You also have to respect the company policies and adhere to them. Moreover, you have to respect the rights and privileges of your employees which may be granted by your company or by the existing laws in your country.

6. Love your employees.

Knowing what’s happening inside your business organization is vital in making it strong and preventing its weaknesses. And how could you effectively and efficiently know what’s happening with your people? The answer is to love them. When you love your employees, you are always passionate, not only in knowing what’s in their minds, but also what’s in their hearts and emotions. You can always keep in touch and communicate with them in many ways, whether inside or outside your office.

7. Claim your blame and share the credits.

It is very important that your employees will be kept in high morale. One of the major reasons why they are demoralized is the lack of accountability of their manager. Another big reason is that their manager or employer doesn’t know how to recognize their efforts and good contributions to the company. Therefore, if you want your workers to be always in a high spirit, learn how to admit your mistakes and how to recognize their efforts and hard work. To recognize your employees, you can give them credits and awards or simply thank them personally.

8. Listen and act to what you have listened.

Let your people talk and deliver to you their true concerns. And when they talk, you have to pay your sincerest attention and listen to what they want to say. Moreover, you have to realize that an effective manager is not only a good listener, but also a good doer to what he has listened. Thus, don’t just use your mouth to ask your employees and your ears to listen to their answers, but also use your hands to act on what you have learned from them. This will ensure that your employees will gain confidence that their words and messages will not be put in vain.

9. Train your employees regularly.

If you want an effective management inside your organization, you have to make sure that your employees will grow and will become more manageable. Do not only invest in your marketing campaign but also invest in your management by training your employees to hone their skills further and to teach how to develop themselves personally and professionally.

10. Train yourself constantly.

Management is a life. As long as you are a manager, you have to continue in developing yourself personally and professionally. Continue studying better management principles, strategies, and styles. Remember that innovation doesn’t only apply to business operation, technology and marketing, but it also applies to human resource management. Our world is constantly changing, and so the people. Your employees may be spending more time on the Internet, on Facebook, on their modern gadgets. You have to learn how to manage them and their modern activities.

Remember that to be an effective manager, you have to learn how to develop other managers. For your business organization to grow, you also need to develop middle managers and learn how to delegate other managerial tasks to them. Therefore, what you have learned and will be learned as a manager, you have to share them to your employees so that they will understand you, as well as inspire them to grow and be a manager in your organization in the future.

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