How to be Free in 5 Ways

A view of vacation and freedom
Freedom is sweet. We wish to have it. Being free to use all our time to do all the things that we think would be good for us is what everybody wants. Freedom also gives us the opportunity to develop ourselves and our potentials further. It gives us a wide and a deep space to unleash our creativity, hone our talents, sharpen our skills, learn more knowledge, understand more mysteries, and reach our various goals and dreams.

There are many types of freedom, such as financial freedom, freedom from your boss, freedom from fear, freedom from illness, and even freedom from death. However, not all freedom could be good for us, as it may bring us into tragedy if we will abuse it. I don’t believe in absolute freedom but I believe in disciplined and righteous freedom which we can use to make our lives or existence in this universe better.

With the right freedom, we could be better persons. We could be better leaders, workers, entrepreneurs, teachers or any type of person we choose to be. If you think you need to be free, here’s how to achieve more freedom in 5 ways.

1. Pay time

It takes time to achieve freedom. That is why you have to pay your time for it. We have to spend time with our loved ones, friends, employees, customers or anyone who’s important to us. We also need to devote time for our business, work, duties and other things so that they would become a success. We have to give our precious time to avoid any regrets that will make us suffer, take away our peace of mind, and imprison us in guilt and disappointment in the future.

“Be free! Spend your time on things that will give you peace of mind, real happiness, and freedom.”

2. Pay attention

Your physical presence may not be enough. You also have to give your presence of mind. In other words, we should not only pay time but also pay attention to achieve freedom. We have to observe and learn from things around us to avoid circumstances that will take our freedom away from us. We need ideas, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and insights to help us attain freedom. And in order to acquire them, we have to pay attention in exchange for them.

“Don’t let your mind become a slave. Free it by paying attention.”

3. Pay money

Everybody desires financial freedom. We all want to be free from debt and poverty. We don’t want to be chased by creditors and be burdened by our financial obligations. To be financially free, we have to pay money. We have to prioritize repaying our creditors, especially those whom we have debts and interests (business loans, bills, taxes, etc.) that are due. We have to give up our cash for our debts, and not keep or spend it for ourselves.

“If you want to regain your financial freedom, buy it back from your creditors.”

4. Pay work

Repaying our debts and financial obligations will give us financial freedom. But what if we don’t have money to pay? In this case, we have to pay work. We have to pay, not only time and attention, but also actions. We have to work to earn money. We also have to work to make moments in our times. We have to execute what we have learned from paying attention.

“If you want to be free, unleash your hands and begin to work for your freedom.”

5. Pay life

We owe our life and existence to our creator. Whoever and whatever he is, he can take away our life from us anytime. I’m not claiming any absolute truth. You can believe me or not. But if you want to be free from death or attain eternal salvation, I believe we have to repay our life with a life that is lived according to our creator’s will. If you want to be free from sins and punishments, you have to pay a righteous life.

“If you want to achieve freedom in life, pay a life that is lived according to its purpose.”


We are all unique from each other. We have different beliefs and principles. We may have different views of what freedom is. Some people want financial freedom, others want physical freedom, and there are those that need spiritual freedom. But whatever kind of freedom we want to achieve, we have to pay it for something in exchange.

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