How to Get a Customer (10 Important Tips)

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Business owners and marketers want to get more customers to generate more sales. But most of them are focusing on getting tons of customers, while not paying attention to getting a single loyal customer. In business, marketing, and in getting customers, quality is more important than quantity. The reason is that quality lasts longer and it also paves the way to quantity or abundance. Quality should come first before quantity. If you want to attract more customers and make sure that your business would be a success, start treating customers uniquely and give them importance as individuals. The following are 10 quick yet important tips on how to get a loyal customer.

1. Imagine the customer that you want to get

Gain ideas about the customer that you want to get. Is your customer a man, woman, child, an adult, professional, businessman, an organization or any other type of customer? Remember that you create a product for a customer, not create a customer for a product. Hence, your customer should come first in your mind instead of your product.

2. Keep in touch with that customer

Don’t just think and imagine your target customer, but reach him out. If that customer is online, you can connect with him on social media places, like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and then befriend him. Make friends with your target customer and begin having a friendly and helpful conversation with him.

3. Know his particular needs and wants today.

Get closer to your target customer and determine his questions and problems so that you can provide answers and solutions to them. Here, you have to be compassionate in order to feel what your target customer feels. You have to be in his shoes to learn and understand his current problems and to come up with the right solutions to those problems.

4. Anticipate his needs and wants in the future.

Also understand what your target customer will be needing and wanting in the future so that you can retain him for a long time. In other words, have an advance care for your target customer so that you can provide a product or a solution for him, not only for now, but also for the future.

5. Create a product that will wow your target customer

Based on what you have learned from above, produce a product that would satisfy the needs and wants of your target customer now and in the future. To earn a loyal customer, you have to create a high-quality product that has the ability to get a customer by itself. Sell a product that can encourage magnet marketing or can attract a customer without too much advertising.

6. Offer a price that will make him happy to buy your product.

Set a reasonable or irresistible price for your quality product. Let your price help your product get a customer. It doesn’t necessarily need to be cheap or expensive. It has to be a price that would attract your target customer. Remember that some customers want an affordable price to save money, while other customers want a high price to show that they have money. Thus, you have to see to it that your price will fit for your target customer.

7. Make your product conveniently or challengingly accessible

Place and accessibility is one of the important ingredients of marketing. That is why you also have to ensure that your target customer will be attracted with your place, whether it’s offline or online. Furthermore, take note that convenience in access is not always what customers want. There are some customers who want to be challenged in accessing your product. This could happen in the resort and restaurant industry. So if your target customer is like that, give him a little bit of adventure.

8. Promote and advertise your product honestly, completely or mysteriously

Even though we have a great product, price and place, we still need to reinforce it with a great promotion to make sure our marketing will get us a customer. Hence, you have to devise your advertising effort to promote the good things about your product. When promoting or advertising your product, always be honest because it is what builds up trust and confidence from your customer. But although we have to tell the truth, there are times that we need to be mysterious to excite our customers. Thus, if your target customer loves excitement, give him a surprise that would make him happy. Yes, you can excite someone without making a lie.

9. Assign the right people that will take care of your customer on, before and after sale

Product, price, place, and promotion – these are the 4 Ps of marketing. But to have a better marketing campaign, don’t forget to mix it also with another P (people), that is, your workers and sales people who are responsible for producing your products, selling, and customer support. Therefore, whether you have a big business team or a small team, constantly train them (including yourself) to handle your business and marketing well.

10. Inspire or influence your customer to get another customer

Finally, if you want to get a loyal customer, love your existing customers. Make them awe-inspired to make them your own marketers who will help you get another customer. Add another P or people in your marketing mix – your existing customers. You current customers should also be a vital mix of your marketing. Hence, always give them a great experience so that they would tell their experience to your target customer.


A single customer can make a big difference in our business, especially if that customer will be highly satisfied and will have a great experience with our products or services. Therefore, we have to ensure that we have the capability to make one customer happy. Because if we can’t make a single customer happy, then how can we make hundreds or thousands of customers happy? If you want to get more customers, start by getting one loyal and happy customer continuously.

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  1. Akos Fintor
    Akos Fintor says:

    Hey Victorino,

    Great tips.
    I used to work in the hospitality industry; where I’ve learned that serving the customer no matter what. Serving people where in business is the foundation where growth builds on.


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