16 Leadership Tactics for Small Businesses

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Tactics are actions and movements that support your overall strategies to achieve your goals. Tactics are different from styles since the latter have a pattern while tactics include isolated immediate actions that can be executed to take advantage of opportunities and improve any weakness in a strategy or style.

Small business owners should not only be a better manager, but they should also be a better leader. They have to learn how to lead people, and not just to manage systems and policies in their business. They have to formulate leadership strategies, develop leadership styles, use leadership techniques, and implement leadership tactics to ensure that their goals would be achieved.

If you own a small business and you want to improve leadership inside your team or organization, here are 16 leadership tactics for small businesses that you can do as often as needed.

1. Listen from leadership mentors

There are times that we don’t know where to start. In times like that, we need to find mentors, listen to them, and learn from their teachings. This is a tactic that you can do every time you are feeling lost in your leadership – you need to have a counselor that will guide you. Remember that kings have counselors and presidents have advisers.

2. Do your own research about leadership

Always do your own research to justify the advice and teachings of your leadership mentors. Read more leadership books and articles, and apply what you learn to understand and confirm if your leadership knowledge and belief are right.

3. Create a conversation

Don’t just hold a meeting to tell everything you want to tell to your employees or subordinates, but hold a conversation where everyone can have the opportunity to speak and listen. A conversation could be scheduled or be held spontaneously as necessary.

4. Show your actions out of the conversation

Based on what you have learned from listening to your workers, show them results. If they raised a question, give them an answer. If they have spoken a problem, show them the solution. If there is no solution, give them a remedy.

5. Cheer up your employees

Smile by not only using your lips and mouth, but smile with your eyes and heart. Make your employees happy by initiating cheerfulness. Give your workers a calm and bright environment, especially when they are tired and feeling down.

6. Pressure your employees

As I said, tactics don’t go in a pattern. When your employees are getting too relaxed and becoming abusive, you have to create pressure to get them back in the right track or to challenge them to push their limit and help them achieve personal growth.

7. Reward your top performers

The key to making your business competitive is to make your workers competitive too. Encourage competitiveness inside your workplace and challenge your employees to become champions by recognizing and rewarding your top performers. You can also group your employees in to several teams to let them learn team-building and leadership. Remember that champions are always training with their sparring partners – and they are good friends.

8. Implement punishments

Give the reasonable penalties or punishments to your employees, not only to teach lessons to the wrongdoers, but also to warn everyone in your organization. You have to show your power and strength in implementing your organizational rules. To make your rules and punishments acceptable, involve your employees and let them participate in creating your rules.

9. Forgive your employees

When it comes to the organizational rules, you have to implement them to everybody, including you. But when it comes to your personal rules, try to forgive your employees who may have offended you personally. Show mercy and humility.

10. Be your employees’ personal coach

Help them develop their talents, skills and potentials by coaching them personally. This will also give you the opportunity to know them more and build better relationships with them.

11. Send them to outside training

Enhance their talents and skills further by letting them train in a different environment, that is, outside your office or premises. If you want to increase your profitability, improve your business productivity by investing on your employees’ professional and career development.

12. Tell the great things about your employees

Make your workers the heroes of your stories. Give them credits that are due to them. If you have a company website or blog, publish stories about your employees instead of just publishing stories about yourself.

13. Do random acts of kindness to your employees

Depending on what they need for that particular moment, show how kind and generous you are to each of your employees. Remember that kindness reproduce and multiply. Hence, it’s a good tactic to spread kindness in your business and beyond.

14. Take the main blame

Show how accountable and responsible you are by taking the blame when your business or anything about your business fails. You are the leader of your business anyway. Therefore, you have the biggest piece of responsibility.

15. Give your workers a break

Give them regular and emergency breaks to have time to relax, to be with their family or to attend their personal issues. This is also to make sure that they will have time to recuperate from their exhausting jobs and preserve their productivity.

16. Get them into fitness activities

Your employees health should be one of your main priorities. Therefore, give them time to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit by initializing healthy activities, such as sports fest and company retreats.

There are still many other ways and tactics that you can do to make sure that you can influence and lead your people to achieve your common goals. You can also be a role model of what a great leader is to motivate and inspire your workers. Finally, you can teach your employees to be leaders of themselves or to effectively lead teams inside your business by applying those tactics which can also be deployed and be executed by them.

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