8 Leadership Tips for Marketers

Leadership is influence. —John C. Maxwell

Marketers need to learn effective leadership and become better leaders to unleash a more successful marketing campaign. They have to know how to influence and transform potential customers into loyal customers to bring lasting growth and success to their business. Whatever type of marketer you are, here are 8 leadership tips that will teach you how to be a better marketer and leader.


1. Lead yourself

Leadership is influence indeed, and the first person that you should influence is none other than yourself. Being a marketer is a tough and challenging job. Think of the tough competition in the market, the need to catch up with all the marketing and technology updates, and the long hours of testing and analyzing marketing hypothesis. They all require a lot of patience, diligence, and self-discipline. Furthermore, if you can’t lead, control and influence yourself, then how about other people? Hence, lead yourself first.

2. Be a living proof

People may believe on what you talk about your products, but your words aren’t the ones they are buying. Customers buy your products, not your advertising. Thus, be a living evidence of your product’s effectiveness. If you’re marketing health products, then you have to be healthy. If you’re advertising beauty products, then you have to be beautiful. And if you’re selling online marketing services to clients, you have to show them that you have already marketed yourself online effectively. In other words, your marketing or advertising messages should form a true story of yourself to inspire customers.

3. Follow your customers so you can lead them

In order to lead, you must follow. Follow your target customers by getting close enough to them in order to listen to their needs, relate to their normal lives, and gain ideas on how to make your products better. You may find and go to the places where they are hanging out, whether they’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other online communities. You have to get closer to your customers to listen, but you should stay far enough to give them freedom to decide for themselves. In other words, create enough distance to avoid disrupting your customers.

4. Unite and maximize; divide and conquer

Learn how to build teamwork in your marketing team so that you can maximize your human resources. To encourage teamwork, you have to motivate your team by showing them clear vision, challenging mission, relevant values, and rewarding goals. To unite your team, you also have to learn how to divide and assign tasks to the right team member. In other words, to lead people, you should also learn how to manage things in your team. Remember that you should have both leadership and management to be an effective leader.

5. Be strong yet gentle

Stand up on your marketing principles, be true to your promises, and be consistent in your good actions. You have to show a strong personality as a marketer to customers. But when it comes to helping the needy people, making the innocent children happy, protecting our mother nature, and doing your cause to create the world a better place – just be gentle, soft, smooth, and go with the flow.

6. Claim your blame; credit your customers

When errors or mistakes happen, claim your blame more than your share. Great leaders are humble and they admit their own mistakes – they even claim the mistakes of other people to protect their common goals. When it comes to honor and glory, don’t just claim it all by yourself. Learn how to share it to your team and to your customers. Remember that customers are the lifeblood of any business. Therefore, you should always be grateful to them.

7. Create leaders

Great leaders don’t just create followers – they create more leaders. They help and build up their followers to become future leaders. In marketing, successful marketers don’t just create dependent customers, but they also create self-reliant customers. They educate their customers and teach them how to solve their problems on their own. Though it maybe risky for some marketers because they are teaching consumers to create their own solutions, great marketers don’t find it a problem because they can always create better solutions. This is the reason why I’m teaching DIY marketing on this blog though I’m offering marketing services.

8. Innovate

Innovation is one of the best qualities of a leader. Hence, if you want to be a marketing leader, bring your customers where they have not been before. Be the first to offer new solutions. Don’t just try to solve your consumers’ current problems, but also strive to solve their future problems. To do that, you have to continue researching, experimenting, and developing new ideas.

I love marketing because it teaches us to become better leaders in order to grow our influence, not only to our customers, but also to ourselves and even the world. Leadership is also a great discipline that’s for all of us. It’s a job for all people, whether they have position or none. Combine leadership and marketing, and you will have more power!

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