12 Marketing Styles: What’s Your Style as a Marketer?

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We’ve been talking about marketing strategies, tactics, and techniques but we don’t really give much attention to our marketing styles. Simply, our marketing style is the manner of how we do marketing. Unlike our techniques, which we can conceal from other people, our style is usually noticed by the people around us because it creates an obvious pattern that is observable by others. There are even times that we can’t notice our own marketing styles, and we only able to discover them by asking or getting feedback from our customers and other marketers.

Marketers have to learn the different marketing styles and choose the best style or combination of styles that will work best for them. Below, I presented 12 marketing styles which you can use to reflect on yourself as a marketer.


1. The viral marketer

A viral marketer is one that do marketing naturally, relying on the word of mouth to create a buzz online and offline. Viral marketers create products or content that promote themselves although the marketers may not know it or intend to do it. They also tend to approach influencers to initially promote their business. Then like a virus, it spreads naturally and rapidly through the help of these influencers, customers, and technology like the Internet and social media.

A viral marketer doesn’t necessarily create high-quality products, as there are products that become viral even if they’re not actually helpful or the best in the market. A marketer using this style faces unpredictable consequences and situations. The success brought by virality is instantaneous and usually unexpected. That is why there are marketers who become unprepared in handling such success when it arrives to them.

In online marketing, marketers who use this style usually utilize rich media, such as blogs, memes, infographics and videos that can be easily shared and spread on the Internet like a virus.

2. The inbound marketer

Inbound marketers focus on the inner quality and excellence of their business. They give more attention on creating useful products and maintaining business reputation to get the attention of customers rather than on interrupting the customers to get their attention.

Inbound marketers also do a market research and observe their customers to come up with a product or solution that will certainly attract customers. They spend more time on listening to their consumers rather than on talking and advertising to them. They act like a magnet that quietly attracts things rather than acting like a megaphone which uses noise to get attention.

Marketers who are naturally inbound are usually people who are creative but aren’t confident in facing potential customers and asking favor from them.

3. The outbound marketer

An outbound marketer is the opposite of an inbound marketer. You may not notice it, but because outbound marketers are very common, you may also become one of them. Marketers who are outbound focus on promotion and advertising instead of focusing on the quality of their products and integrity of their business. Some of them are even marketing without real products.

We can see a lot of outbound marketers interrupting people on the Internet, email, and in social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+. Some of outbound marketers are shrewd salespeople who can convince potential customers to buy their products even if they aren’t useful.

4. The tribal marketer

If you are fond of finding a community or group of people who are related to your business, and if you are joining and creating good relationships with them, you are probably a marketer who’s using a tribal style.

Tribal marketers create leads or sale by creating relationship or affinity with their customers. Tribal marketing is different from outbound marketing since the latter promotes his products to people even if he don’t know them. A tribal marketer only promotes and sells his products to related people whom he have already made relationship with.

On the Internet, we can specifically encounter tribal online marketers on related Facebook groups, Linkedin groups, Google+ groups, Twitter groups, forums, and community sites like Triberr.com and Bizsugar.com

5. The visual marketer

If you love utilizing visual materials and attracting the eyes, imagination, and thoughts of your customers, then you are probably a visual marketer. Visual marketers love using images, videos, and graphics to attract and influence the decision of their target customers. They are usually creative and artistic.

This is the marketing style that has the style. Visual marketers give a lot of time and effort in ensuring that their marketing campaign and materials will stand out from the crowd in the eyes of their audience or customers.

6. The minimalist marketer

Do you like marketing the minimalist way? Are you creating products that are effective and useful in their simplest form? Are you promoting and conveying your marketing messages in a simple and efficient way? If you’re a marketer who don’t like wasting the time of your customers by giving directly what they only want, then you are a minimalist marketer.

Minimalist marketers like to go directly to the point. They don’t like to put any unnecessary things in their products, place, and promotion. This style is becoming more popular nowadays, especially when it comes to online marketing. As we know it, people are already facing an overload of information on the Internet and they are becoming busier. Thus, they need a marketing that doesn’t bring them crap.

7. The automated marketer

Marketers who always rely on software, applications, and other marketing automation have this style. They are the ones who prefer to become more technological rather than personal.

This style is very efficient though it can have drawbacks, such as being unable to truly and specifically understand customers and address their certain issues.

Online marketers who are using this style are those that use applications and software to automatically promote their business on the Internet and social media. These applications do their blog posts, Facebook status, tweets, email replies, and other online interactions with customers.

If consumers can observe it, auto marketers will look like more of a robot than a human in the marketing world.

8. The personal marketer

Do you always want to personally talk and interact with customers rather than rely your interaction on applications and software? If you prefer to personally and humanly connect with your audience or customers, then you have a personal marketing style.

This type of marketers prefer to build relationships with their target customers by listening, storytelling, and sharing experiences to them. They also love to inspire customers and touch their lives. That is why they often choose to be manual rather than automatic. They prefer to do marketing the hard way rather than the easy way to get lasting and deeper results.

9. The traditional marketer

They do marketing the traditional way. In other words, they don’t like to use marketing strategies, tactics and techniques that are not yet long-established. They are skeptical to the latest methods and technologies of marketing until they become customary.

Traditional marketers do not usually do experiments. They stick to their methods that they have already tried and tested for many years. If you feel like being afraid or reluctant in trying the modern marketing methods and techniques, then you must be a classic marketer.

10. The modern marketer

A modern or innovative marketer doesn’t always mean technological or automated since marketing is not all about technologies but also about fundamentals and principles. Marketers can also innovate their principles, which don’t require automation.

Unlike traditional marketers, modern or innovative marketers openly accept the latest breakthrough in marketing, such as the newest methods, techniques, technologies, and principles. They are not afraid to try what’s new and do experiments with them.

11. The fair and clean marketer

How do you play in the marketing arena? Are you playing it clean or dirty? I’m not giving the dirty marketing style a number in this list since I strongly don’t recommend it. So let’s take a look on the clean side – anyway, you just need to reverse it to get dirty if you want.

The clean marketer is someone who is honest with himself and with customers. He don’t like cheating, lying, and fooling people around. He is also obedient of the rules to make the business and marketing world a good place for everyone.

On the Internet, he always follow the rules of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites he uses for marketing. In other words, this style makes a marketer ethical, conscientious, and harmless to customers and other marketers. Now if you’re asking for the dirty marketer, it’s just the opposite.

12. The servant marketer

This is probably the rarest and most difficult marketing style you will find among marketers. Servant marketers always prioritize helping others before helping themselves. They are selfless and aren’t profit-oriented. They are bighearted and generous. And the good thing about them is that they are humble and they don’t brag about it.

Servant marketers seems to lose money and not make any profit. But because their customers are happy in doing business with them, they earn the loyalty of their customers and consequently earn lasting profits.

If you habitually sacrifice yourself for the sake of your customers, then you could be a servant marketer.

So what is your marketing style?

You may notice it or not, but your marketing has a style. The way you do marketing leaves a pattern that your customers or competitors can notice. Perhaps you are using a style that is effective for you or maybe your style is not currently working for you. Whatever your style is, you have to know it so that you can ensure that it’s giving you the best results. If it’s not, then you have to replace your style with something better so that you will consistently grow as a better marketer.

You can also use various styles or a combination of marketing styles that will result to a better marketing campaign. For example, you can use both inbound and outbound by ensuring first the quality of your product so that when you announce, promote, and sell it in the market, your customers wouldn’t be disappointed.

You can also combine automation to your other marketing styles to optimize your marketing campaign. Just remember to mix the right marketing ingredients. Moreover, don’t forget that every thing that is too much is bad and it can ruin your marketing mix.

So have you already find out what kind of marketer are you? What style or styles are you using now? What marketing style or combination of styles do you think will work best for you now and in the future? I’ll be glad to read and know your answers in the comments below.


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