25 Online Marketing Tactics to Increase Website Traffic

Website traffic increase What is the difference between strategies and tactics? A strategy is composed of many tactics. Strategies are your overall plans, schemes and actions, while your tactics are your specific and short-term actions that move your strategies. Without a strategy, your tactics won’t have a direction. Without tactics, your strategy won’t move forward. In other words, your tactics are what you often do. They are like the habits you keep on doing almost every day.

Now, if you own a business and you want to grow your website’s traffic, you have to execute effective online marketing tactics to keep visitors and potential customers coming to your site. The following tactics can be done on a regular basis to ensure that your online marketing strategies would be realized.

1. Research your competition

A successful online marketer always keep an eye on his competition. Remember that the number of your competitors will grow constantly, and if you are ignoring them, you might end up being kicked out of the competition. Regularly check who are competing with you on search engine result pages. Check their websites to ensure that your tactics are better than them. You can do this every time you are targeting a certain keyword.

2. Analyze your previous data

Compete with your own. In other words, always beat your website’s past performance. Always check your site’s historical data, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and social insights to formulate a better and a more effective Internet marketing campaign.

3. Create high-quality content

This is a tactic that you should always do. Every time you publish a blog post, make sure they are interesting, well-researched, useful and highly engaging. Make it a habit. Remember that you need patience, hard work and dedication to do this.

4. Optimize your title and description.

Create title and headline to be loved, not only by search engines, but more importantly by your target human audience. Remember that even though your title and description will appear in search engines or in the news feed of Facebook and other social media users, if they are boring and not engaging, your CTR (click through rate) won’t show good results.

5. Optimize your images

Unique and beautiful images attract more readers and search engines. Aside from creating more pages to be indexed by search engines, also place interesting pictures on your pages to be indexed in image search results, like Google’s image search results.

6. Make your website simple and fast.

Have a minimalist design where visitors could only get the information they want – no crap no nonsense! Make your website light for fast loading and improve its navigation so that your visitors will not be lost or be stuck up getting nothing from you. Moreover, avoid obtrusive ads on your pages. Remember that people nowadays don’t have much time. Thus, make sure they get the things they want in less time. Also, search engines love fast websites. So if you don’t know the technical stuff to lighten your site, you can always hire an expert to help you.

7. Improve your internal links

By introducing your visitors to your other interesting pages, your entire website could get more page views. A website with good internal link structure is also great for SEO, as it makes your site more navigational friendly for the human readers and for the search engine crawlers.

8. Improve your outbound links

Put highly relevant and reliable links pointing to outside websites in your articles, blog posts and other content to improve their credibility. It would also show to your readers that you are doing your own extensive research.

9. Promote the author of your content.

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Don’t just optimize your website, but also optimize the people who wrote or created it. The author of a page or a blog post is a main part of your whole content. If the author has high authority, his or her page would also rank high on search engines. Hence, make sure you are using Google’s Authorship Markup. Furthermore, your tactics should also include regularly improving your social media profile followers and influence.

10. Promote your content on Facebook

While creating a Facebook Page is a strategy, consistently promoting your quality and fresh content on Facebook is a great tactic you should always do to increase traffic on your site. Make sure you have engaging images, thumbnails and unique headlines to attract Facebook users to click your link and go to your website to read your content.

11. Promote your content on Twitter.

Aside from Facebook, always share your interesting and fresh content on Twitter. Also use relevant hashtags to make your tweets more searchable on Twitter. Keep your followers growing to keep your traffic increasing.

12. Promote your content on Google+.

Google+ is already growing. Besides, it’s owned by Google and your Google+ profile and business page are important in search engine optimization. Hence, make it also a habit to share your fresh content to your circles.

13. Promote your page on YouTube

Create an interesting video that will link to your newly created page or post. Remember that YouTube is the second largest search engine and the largest video search website in the world.

14. Promote your page on LinkedIn

Share your fresh content on LinkedIn. If your LinkedIn networks are people who have the same interest as yours, then it is more likely that they would be interested to read you shared links and content.

15. Promote your page on Pinterest and Instagram

Use image and display marketing. If you have placed beautiful and interesting images or infographics on your pages, then share them to social networking sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

16. Make a presentation version of your new content.

Create decks that will link to your new pages. You can share your slides on websites like Slideshare.net to grow your audience and attract more relevant traffic.

17. Make a PDF version of your content

Create a PDF version of your post and share them on file sharing websites like Scribd.com. This will also improve your online presence and could drive more traffic to your website.

18. Promote your content on other top and relevant social media sites

There are other popular social media sites where you can promote your new pages to gain more traffic. These sites include StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Tumblr.

19. Leave comments on do-follow related blogs

After publishing a page or a blog post, promote it by searching quality and relevant blog or blog posts – then leave engaging comment in them. This tactic will increase your backlinks, traffic and friends if you make relevant and interesting comments.

20. Promote your content on relevant online forums.

Keep sharing and helping members from relevant forums and online communities. This will increase your backlinks, gain traffic from people who clicked your signature or profile’s link, and grow your circle of friends online.

21. Answer relevant questions across the Internet

Find relevant questions in question-and-answer sites like Yahoo answer and even on Facebook groups which you can answer best by referencing with link to your website or content.

22. Invite your visitors to subscribe their email to your updates

Encourage your visitors to keep in touch with you by inviting them to subscribe their email to your latest updates. If your contents are highly useful, then surely they won’t want to miss what’s new in your website.

23. Invest in paid advertising.

Speaking of increasing traffic, paid traffic is the easiest to do if you have the money. If you are already making money on your website or business, then consider allocating a portion of your income to further your marketing campaign through paid advertising, which may include Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and other paid advertising that you think will give you the best conversion rate.

24. Consider developing a mobile app for your website.

Mobile Internet users are rapidly increasing in numbers with the rise of smartphones, tables and other Internet-capable mobile devices. Boost your mobile online presence by developing a mobile app for your business or website. You can delegate this task to an app developer if you still have the money.

25. Promote your website offline

Last but not the least, make it a habit to promote your website outside the Internet. Join relevant events and meet more people whom you share the same interest. Exchange business cards with them with your website. If you’re an expert, then share your expertise by teaching other people or by speaking to the public and inspiring people. If people will know you are helpful, then they will realize that your website is also useful.

Remember that tactics are consistently done. They are the stepping stones to your success. Therefore, you have to be patient, hardworking and persistent in executing your tactics to boost traffic on your site. If you can’t do all the necessary tactics to realize your overall strategy and achieve your goals, then apply leadership. You can always build a team of tacticians to execute those online marketing tactics.