6 Big Reasons Why You Should Create Great Content

Launching great content like a rocket

Is it worth to create great content? Is it worth to spend extended time and effort in crafting or curating an excellent blog post, images, videos or other types of content for your audience, users, and customers?

Generating exceptionally high-quality content can take many hours and even days. That is why there are numbers of bloggers, writers and content marketers who are hesitant to invest on them. Instead, they choose quantity over quality. Rather than creating a few comprehensive posts in a week, they choose to create several effortless posts in a week for their content marketing strategy.

A great content is not always measured by its length but by its depth, usefulness, and the time and effort invested by its author or creator to complete it. But although length isn’t an absolute factor that defines the quality of a content, comprehensive, relevant and useful blog posts are usually considered quality content.

I did a couple of laborious comprehensive posts to confirm if it’s really worth it. And it’s really is! Here are 6 big reasons why you should also do your best to create or generate great content.


1. People enjoy it

Apparently, your audience or users enjoy the content that you religiously crafted for them. When you give your best to make your content, your audience are not disappointed, rather they are happy to read, comment, engage, utilize and learn from it.

I just published a comprehensive article about content marketing in my previous blog post, and the following are the feedback that I got.

Some of the comments on my blog post:

Comments on my blog post

Comments on my post at Triberr:

Comments at Triberr

Feedback on my post at Twitter:

Comments on Twitter

Quality blog posts are getting hot at Bizsugar.

Hot  articles at Bizsugar

So what do you want, a few high-quality blog posts in a week that receive a lot of appreciation or a several short quick posts in a week that don’t get the attention of your audience? If you’re not yet convinced, let’s move to the next reason.

2. People love to share it

Personally, I love sharing great contents that I found across the Internet. I share them on my social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn. I want to be known among my friends and networks that I am a good sharer, sharing only great information. I know you also feel the same way. You don’t like to share uninteresting information in your social media channels. Do you like to be known as a lousy sharer, don’t you?

So if you want people to share your content, it’s obvious – you have to provide them content that they would be proud to share to their friends and connections.

High-quality content are usually shared by people when they discover it.

One of my recent articles got a hundred shares on Twitter as of today according to Topsy.

Retweets shown by Topsy

Another comprehensive post of mine about content marketing was shared by an influencer in LinkedIn, and it already got more than 300 LinkedIn shares as of this time.

LinkedIn shares of my post

And in my other blog, a comprehensive ultimate list post of mine got 32,000 stumbles since it was published.

Thousands of stumbles

Do you like your content to be shared by hundreds or even thousands of social media users? Then don’t hesitate to invest in high-quality and awesome content.

3. People will be happy to have you in their groups

Bloggers and marketers need to join related online communities to promote their content, interact with like-minded people, and grow their network. However, not all community or group managers allow everyone to join their pack. Most groups admins don’t like to invite or accept bloggers or marketers, who don’t have something useful and valuable to share in their group.

If you’re a blogger or a content marketer who’s known to always publish and share useful content, it would be easier for you to be accepted by the admins of relevant online groups and communities, such as Facebook groups, Google+ communities, LinkedIn groups, and Triberr tribes.

A few months ago, I joined Triberr and now I’m already a member of 35 tribes which gave me a 21 million reach. That reach helps my blog posts get more social media shares and reach more audience. One advantage of having a habit of sharing only excellent content is that the tribe chiefs are happy to have you in their tribes.

My Triberr profile

4. Search engines index your content deeper

Search engines index your content deeper. Google loves high-quality and in-depth content. That is why comprehensive blog posts and articles have better chance to rank well in the search results even for a long period of time.

As an example, one of the comprehensive articles that I’ve cited in the previous paragraphs above (the one that was stumbled 32,000 times) is still shown in the first page of Google for the search terms “better business person”, “how to be a better business person”, “ways to be a better business person”, and the likes even after more than 2 years.

On the top of Google search results

It’s deeply indexed in Google that its title is already a suggested search term when you search for its related keywords.

Google search term suggestions

Thus, if you want your site or blog to improve its SEO, don’t just remember but also execute what Google always tell webmasters and bloggers – have great content.

5. Great content plus marketing equals great content marketing

No matter how extravagant and intense your promotion and advertising are, if the content you are marketing will not satisfy its audience or users, your content marketing will fail. It’s simply because great content marketing is great content plus great marketing. The absence of quality on either of the two would put your content marketing campaign imbalance. Therefore, another great reason why you should do your best to create excellent content is to make sure that your advertising money and effort wouldn’t be wasted.

6. It builds up your brand

Whether it’s your personal brand or your business brand, maintaining quality and integrity in the content you create, curate, promote and share has a great impact in your brand’s profitability and stability. The quality of your content defines what kind of author you are or what kind of business do you have. Quality also attracts quality. In other words, quality content attracts quality leads, clients, customers and quality sales.

It’s actually pretty obvious that most of bloggers, publishers and content marketers who successfully made it to the top are those that can sacrifice a lot to produce the best content. They are the ones who can generate content that the 99% of the content creators can’t. Thus, if you want to belong to the top, create the quality of content that only 1% of the population can do.


There are many other valid and obvious reasons why we should do our best to produce great content. And I know a lot of us already knew them. Perhaps some of you will say that it’s easier said that done. But I say, that’s the essence of greatness – it should really be done the hard way.

So would you like now to go out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to produce the best content that you can offer to your audience or users? Give it a try!


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