A Short Story about a Secret to Success

African Elephant Survival and Success

One afternoon, the fiercest animals in the Kalahari savannah gather and talk about their survival and supremacy. They are discussing about who’s the greatest among all animals in the animal kingdom.

“I am the king of the savannah, the most powerful and ferocious of all. I’m on the top of the food chain and the ultimate survivor in the animal kingdom”, the Lion said.

While on the top of a tree, the Cobra tells the crowd: “I have sharp fangs and venom that will paralyze my prey in one bite. I can also climb trees and eat animals that are even larger than my body size.”

Oozing with confidence, the Elephant tells everyone… “I am the biggest in this land. I can send anyone flying with one blow. I’m also smart. I’m the true king of the jungle.”

Then the Crocodile join the conversation. “No one can survive my death roll. I will eat anything even bigger animals like buffalo and elephants. And I can live without eating for many months. Definitely, I’m the ultimate survivor in the animal kingdom”, the Crocodile said.

Hearing what the Crocodile just said, the Hippopotamus give its talk. “I have the biggest mouth. The Crocodile is even afraid of me. I can go on land and on water. I should be the ultimate survivor in this savannah”, the Hippo said.

Then the Eagle refuted everyone in the crowd. “The most successful animals are those that can fly. I can fly, I am precise, and I’m strong. No one can beat me and reach me. I’m the most successful animal in this gathering”, the Eagle said.

Then suddenly, while the biggest, most powerful and most ferocious predators continue their conversation, they notice a small animal coming down from the tree where the Cobra was occupying.

Hey buddy! Why did you eat the Cobra? Aren’t you afraid of its poisonous venom? Are you not afraid of us – the strongest and wildest predators in Africa? The lion and other predators ask the small animal whose body length was only about 70 centimeters and weighs only 25 pounds.

The small animal, while still chewing the Cobra, answer them… I don’t give a shit, I’m hungry, and I want to eat!

It was the time that the big predators learned that the small animal was actually a Honey Badger – the most fearless animal in the animal kingdom. It doesn’t give a shit, it gets what it wants, and it only focuses on achieving its goal.

If you don’t have any idea what a Honey Badger is, watch this video from YouTube to learn its secret to fearlessness, survival and success (beware with the video’s nastiness).

So have you learned a lesson or secret to success from the story above? Please share it on the comments below.


Photo courtesy of RoDobby.

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