Step by Step Guide to Supercharging Your B2B Sales

Whether we like it or not B2B sales have changed in so many ways the last few years and many businesses have not been able to adapt yet. In this guide we will take a look at a step by step process of successful sales and more specifically on how to:

  • Present the need of what you’re selling
  • Persuade that you & your product are the solution
  • Convince clients to buy from you

Just a few simple but crucial steps that will get you back on the map!

Present the need of what you’re selling

It is important to understand that nowadays businesses according to SiriusDecisions, receive over 20 e-mail marketing messages per week, which has resulted to an increase of over 32% since 2011. That fact alone supplies us with a statistic that we cannot ignore. B2B sales done with either the traditional marketing approach or the modern technological approach have something in common, the Presentation!

Have a Presentation Process


Bear in mind that you might have one-shot at certain customers, so excellence is a must! In addition consider the needs of the target group you are referring to!

Begin with an eye-catching sentence like a quote, a definition, an interesting statement that will draw the reader in.
Make an introduction briefly stating the product or services you are offering and LET THE CLIENT KNOW “WHAT’S IN IT FOR HIM”. By doing that you accomplish to grasp his attention and force him to read o
Describe your product or services by answering the following questions:
Finish with a short description of the presentation and using call to action phrases like:
Check out more call to action phrases here.

Persuade that you & your product are the solution

After you have their attention using an awesome presentation you will need to eliminate any doubt that they might still have by assuring them that you will be with them from A to Z. It’s very important for the businessman to know that you are not going to sell them something and then Persuade that you & your product are the solutiondisappear.

That is why you need to establish solid foundation to build on! Here are 4 layers of solid foundation that if followed will grant you a lifetime client:

1. Trust

Build a trustworthy relationship with your client. Don’t fake it. Let it come naturally by expressing interest and giving assistance even without gain. By making a client a friend your rewards will be long term.

2. Honesty

Be honest even if that means losing money! Long term that will protect you and bring in more in return. Bear in mind that people tend to look the other way and not take action against honest people. I’m saying that because one way or another you will make a mistake and disappoint your client.

3. Intimacy

Jerry Seinfeld said something very interesting…

“I’m in the unfortunate position of having to consider people’s feelings!”

We need to consider and not take advantage of people’s feelings. People that show understanding and make the time to listen to what other people have to say gain their trust! In the difficult economical times that we live in we all need to be each other’s therapist.

4. Presence

Whether you like it or not your client need to know that you will always be there even if he becomes unreasonable. Set your boundaries and don’t let him pass them more than once but at the same time let him know that you are always available to him.

By following and sticking to these steps you will ensure and persuade the client that not only the product but also the man behind the product are special! Business ethics and character integrity combined with an amazing product or service is a recipe for success.

Convince clients to buy from you

Now you have reached the end of the line and wish that your efforts will bear fruit. Here you have to understand that you might have an easy or a difficult job depending how well you followed the previous steps. Remember what we said. When you sell a product or a service you sell yourself also. Don’t just count on the product but make an impression and a stand that your product reflect who you really are.

Help the client by making his decision easier.

  • Give a demo
  • Give a money refund guarantee
  • Give product guarantee
  • 30-day free use
  • Training courses for free
  • Free updates

By giving a few extras will prove to the client the confidence that you have in the product you are promoting.  When you are unsure about the product and you don’t believe in it, then the client won’t either.

So! Remember…

  1. Present the need of what you’re selling
  2. Persuade that you & your product are the solution
  3. Convince clients to buy from you

Now, I urge you to take this guide and implement it in your product or services promotion strategy ASAP and be certain that better days are coming.

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