15 Unconventional Tips to Live a Better Life

Live your life better
We all have our own purpose and meaning of life. We view life in many different ways. There’s a person whose life revolves around his family and loved ones. There’s also a person whose life is concentrated on his business or career. My life is spent in writing, teaching, and trying to inspire my audience in my blogs. But whatever life we live, we have to make it better. So without further ado, I give you the following 15 unconventional tips to live a better life.

1. Start your long-term goals earlier

It doesn’t mean that because they’re long-term, you should start them late. Remember that the longer your goal is, the harder it is to achieve, hence, the earlier you should start it. Take note that the most successful people on Earth have started their long-term goals in life earlier than the others. Because of their early start, they are the ones who have made the greatest accumulation of sacrifices, leading to their great success. Therefore, ask yourself now… have you already started doing something about your long-term goal?

2. Break your bad habits – they are actually easy to break

Breaking a bad habit is actually easy. What’s making it hard is maintaining the breakage. Thus, always try to break your bad habit until your breaking becomes easy because you’re already developing its opposite habit – a good habit. Furthermore, be specific. You can break first one of your bad financial habits, health habits or work habits. Break it specifically, slowly and surely.

3. Prepare for both the worst and the best things in life

Don’t just prepare to face and survive the worst things that will come to your life, but also prepare for the best things that will happen in your life. Get yourself ready to handle success when it comes. Remember that many people have suffered ultimate failures because, when success came to their life, they were not prepared to handle it, causing them to lose that success in their arms. We are most likely to relax when we are experiencing good things in our life – and this is what makes us vulnerable to unexpected problems and troubles. Hence, get ready for both failure and success.

4. Work hard, not work smart

Don’t get me wrong, I just want you to think smart and work hard. The brain is used for thinking while the hands are used for working. Intelligence should be used in planning and devising strategies. On the other hands, hard work should be used in the execution of those plans and strategies. For your life to be faster and better, you should already have a smart plan before you begin to work so that when you work, you can be a diligent worker, not a lazy smart procrastinator.

5. Not all distractions are ugly – most of them are attractive and beautiful

To achieve focus, you have to get rid of your distractions. But not all distractions that are coming to our life look like distractions at all. Some of them are hiding in the form of attractive opportunities, yet existing in this world to destroy our focus and original plan. This kind of distractions are harder to overcome than the ugly distractions. Hence, be vigilant and don’t be enticed by their sweet promises if you want to achieve your main goal.

6. Find your heart, and be careful what you put inside it

So where’s your intangible heart really located? You can find it at the center of your life. Everything you put on it becomes the center and the priorities of your life. Therefore, take time to review yourself. If you want to improve yourself and live a better life, remove the bad things (ex., greed, envy and pride) inside your heart, and replace them with better ones (ex., kindness, thankfulness and humility).

7. You need stops to successfully reach your goal

Reaching your goal is not all about traveling and speeding. It’s also about pausing, slowing down, and resting. Thus, don’t forget to give yourself a break or a series of short breaks to recuperate from all the problems and stresses in this world. And when you feel that things are already getting too fast and you’re already clueless what to do, don’t forget to slow down to relax and clear your mind.

All of us have problems. We all have weakness. And we, all humans, are not all knowing and all powerful. Thus, life is fair to all of us. In fact we’re the ones who are being unfair to life, itself. Life is a gift. Life is a power we can use to achieve our various dreams. We should be thankful that we are alive. Hence, value your life and give it a fair treatment. Have a harmonious relationship with your own life to have a better life.

9. The greatest form of intelligence is compassion

Therefore, have it! A compassionate person doesn’t only know what others are thinking and saying, but he or she also understands what they are feeling and suffering. Compassion is knowing, not only by mind, but also by heart. That’s why it’s the deepest intelligence you can have, in which you can use to treat other people right, whether they are your customers, employees, colleagues friends or families.

10. Trust love, itself

Love is separate from the one who’s loving and the one who’s loved. It doesn’t destroy people’s lives. What destroy people are the people, themselves who use love the wrong way. It’s not love’s fault why your loved one has left you, why your relationship fails or why your life is ruined. Thus, you can always improve the way you love. You can always love again, and make love a great source of your inspiration. Love will teach you lessons in life. The people you love may leave you, but love will never leave you. Therefore, don’t be afraid to love. Trust love, itself. Enjoy loving, whether you’re loving your wife, children, workers, friends or customers. If you don’t fear love, you won’t be spending your life in constant misery. You will have more time to enjoy your love life and other sides of your life.

11. Use people as tools, not toys

We need help from other people to reach our goals in life. We cannot be successful by relying only in ourselves. We can utilize our employees, friends. and families to do the tasks that we cannot do. We can ask and consume their resources. We can use them us tools and bridges towards our success. However, we must not deceive and disappoint them. We should appreciate and be grateful that they are helping us. We should take good care of the tools that make our life more convenient, especially if those tools are people, who have unique thoughts and emotions. People can actually be happy to know that we are needing them. So keep them cheerful to continue helping us.

12. Your body is your greatest tool, take care of it

It’s the most precious tool you have that will move you and bring you to success. Hence, feed it the right way and always have regular exercise to make it strong and enduring. Just like any other tools, always consult a medical expert to check it and ensure that it’s fit to do its work and functions. And yes, don’t forget to reward it with an enjoyable vacation.

13. Aim for the best, not for what is at least

If you want your life to improve, don’t be too contented and comfortable with minimum acceptable achievements. You have to go out of your comfort zone to learn, experience and realize the best lessons in life. And to live your life to the fullest, don’t just go out of your comfort zone once. But check if the uncomfortable zone you have landed lately is already becoming comfortable. If you’re already comfortable with it, then it might be that you’re not already growing. Thus, consider taking a new challenge to continue on growing and making your life even better.

Your name, appearance, actions and stories — they all consist of information. What you say and what people say about you are information. Thus, be aware of the information you are creating out of your life. Be a better and more useful information to other people. Have a good reputation and be an inspiration to everyone.

15. Success is a combination of information, decision, motion, realization, repetition, and completion

Finally, we don’t just become what we think. Our life doesn’t only depend on our thoughts or the information in our mind. To succeed in life, you should know, decide, do, reflect on your actions, repeat the right actions, and be persistent until you finally achieve success.

The truth is, having a better life is such an elusive goal. It’s a goal that you should not just try to achieve once in a lifetime, but a goal you should work out everyday. I hope that those tips I’ve shared have given you some hints to live your life better this time around. If you have other insights to add or questions to ask, don’t hesitate to write a comment below.

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