14 Tips to Reach Your Full Potential

We are all born with potential. However, not all of us reach our maximum potential. You have a chance to reach what you can be, whether you want to be a very successful entrepreneur, a top executive, a legendary artist, a world-renowned scientist or a great leader. But reaching the apex of your destiny is never easy. As we know it, it takes a lot of discipline, patience, diligence and persistence to achieve one’s greatness. If you want to live your life to the fullest, here are more tips to reaching your full potential.

1. Start From Within

To reach your full potential, you have to first have a better idea of what your potentials are. You have to know who you really are, what you’ve accomplished in the past, what did you fail to do, what you’re doing now, and what you can still do in the future. Knowing oneself means spending more quite time with yourself. Thus, don’t hesitate to leave your work or busyness for a while. Find time for self-reflection or meditation to clear your mind, purify your heart, and light up your soul.

2. Know the end

Knowing the ultimate you is pivotal to reaching your full potential. You have to ask questions, such as what do you want people to remember you when you die or what legacy do you want to leave with the humanity when you’re gone in this world? Many people are afraid to even think of their death, and this can hinder them in realizing their greatness. If you want to reach your ultimate potential, understand your final life. It’s only by understanding your ultimate life that you discover your ultimate strengths and powers.

3. Get a Mentor

Every great person in the history of mankind had a mentor, master or teacher who guided them and thought them words of wisdom to realize and reach their full potential. Although it’s you who will find your inner self and realize your ultimate powers, your teacher will be the one who will give you clues on how to accomplish those things.

4. Make a Choice

Hopping from one journey to another will not help you have a longer, deeper and greater journey. To reach your full potential, you have to make a choice of what journey you will complete for the rest of your life. If you already know your end, travel the journey or related journeys to reach that destination. Make a choice and stick to it so you won’t be wasting time, money and energy in traveling the journeys that don’t have something to do with your ultimate destination.

5. Have a Dream

Dream big, not because it’s just a dream, but because you have a big heart where you can put your big dream in it. Your dream shapes your life because it’s not only what you keep on thinking but because it’s what you are keeping deep inside your heart even if you are doing something else. Thus, if you want to achieve something great, dream of it and keep it in your heart.

6. Make a Plan

Your big dream should be supported with a smart plan – a plan which is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. If you have a big dream, your plan should also be big, long-term and powerful. Your plan will be your map to reaching your full potential and accomplishing your end goal. It has to include a great strategy where you will focus your talent, skills and other resources. Remember that a long-term plan will help you for a long time. Thus, invest enough time and effort to devise the perfect plan for you. Don’t forget the saying… measure twice, cut once.

7. Be Fearless

Discovering your full potential needs consistent courage to explore what lies beyond. Your questions and doubts won’t be answered if you will be afraid to step forward. Therefore, prepare yourself and have no fear when it comes to exploring within yourself and the world beyond.

8. Start Small

Do it gradually. Increase your challenges as you grow. Keep on evolving. Remember that reaching your full potential doesn’t mean realizing it in one shot. You have to realize it step by step until it’s complete.

9. Find the Right Team

Have people who will be behind you to support your goal and help you achieve your dream. Of course they also have their own dreams and goals in life. To attain success, find team members who have different dreams but are just perfect to combine, depend each other, and support each other to achieve each other’s goals. For example, if your end goal is to become a president of a nation, find someone who wants to be a great general but don’t like to be a president.

10. Overcome Your Distractions

Distractions delay and even completely destroy your dream. To reach your full potential without delay, you have to invest constant focus. Hence, analyze your current situation. Recognize your distractions, whether it’s big or small and whether it’s a good or bad distraction. Remember that good opportunities that come into your life but are not part of your original plan can become distractions that will destroy it.

11. Do not Be Discouraged with Failures

Understand that reaching a great goal comes with a lot of challenges, pain and failures. Don’t be discouraged and give up your dream just because you’ve failed despite of doing your best. Remember that you can be a better person everyday. You can still surpass your current best in the coming days.

12. Take a Breaks have a Dream

It takes a lifetime to reach your full potential, thus, it’s a long long journey. That is why you have to take breaks to recuperate and consistently stay on the track.

13. Make a Full Sacrifice

Your accomplishment depends on the things that you give up. Reaching your maximum potential also means having a maximum sacrifice. Thus, if you think you are not getting any progress, consider increasing the sacrifice you are making. Remember that you cannot have everything, but you can have something best or something that is truly great. Also remember that the most successful people in the world made great sacrifices, from sacrificing their Harvard diploma to sacrificing their romantic life.

14. Be Tenacious

If tenacity is a place, it would be the city or place where the world’s most successful people live. If you want to achieve your ultimate goal and dream in life, live with tenacity and keep on going no matter how difficult the challenges in front of you.

Final Thoughts

The earlier you start the farther you can go. The more you sacrifice the more you can achieve. With patience, hard work, focus and tenacity, you can achieve greatness in whatever you choose, whatever you work to make it better, whatever you put in your heart, and whatever you fight for your life. It starts by making a choice. So make a choice now even if that choice sounds crazy for other people.


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