28 Ways to become a Better Marketer

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Growing up is a full-time job, whether you are growing yourself, your business or your career. If you’re in the field of marketing, you have to constantly develop yourself as a marketer to survive and succeed in this tough and very challenging profession. If you own a business, you also have to consistently hone your marketing skills to continue attracting customers, generate revenue, and grow your business. Whether you are implementing marketing for your own business or doing it for your clients, here are 28 ways to becoming a better marketer:

1. Be smarter and more creative

Practice longer and deeper thinking like scientists in the lab – this will help your brain become smarter. Imagine like an artist and make your marketing campaign like a masterpiece – this will help your creativity to grow further.

2. Test your theories and do experiments

Marketing knowledge is not enough. You have to bring your knowledge and theories in the field to actually confirm if they are effective or not. Moreover, take note that testing is not a one-time task. It may require a series of multiple tests to successfully confirm a single theory.

3. Challenge your competitors silently

Observe and know your competition better. Act like a spy to get important pieces of information about your competitors. Study those data but don’t be an imitator. Instead, create something better.

4. Challenge yourself

Don’t just observe your competitors, but also know yourself and your own marketing performance. Constantly beat your previous performance to consistently improve your marketing results.

5. Know how to transform raw data in to meaningful information

Learn statistics and data science so that you would know how to gather important data from your market, analyze them, and convert them in to useful reports that will help you make better marketing decisions and actions.

6. Motivate your team to be more productive

Be a better marketing manager to your subordinates. Always motivate your marketing team by making them happier and more productive at work. Remember that teamwork is key to success.

7. Learn how to re-target your market

Don’t just target your market once, but learn how to re-target it to make sure that you will hit the bulls-eye. To do this, you need to have patience, focus, and persistence.

8. Do outreach

Be confident and reach your target market closer. Send personalized messages through emails, texts, calls and other forms of communication to your target customers to let them know the good news about your products or services.

9. Get out from your comfort zone

If you are already convenient on what you are doing as a marketer now, then it means you’re already staying in your comfort zone. If you want to improve further as a marketer, take the risk to explore more areas of marketing and do more tasks even if it means going out of your comfort zone.

10. Fix your website and blog

We’re already in the digital marketing era. Thus, you have to show to your business customers or marketing clients that you have already built a strong presence online and have the qualities of a successful online marketer. Make sure that your website and blog are reaching your target audience on the Internet, whether they are on desktop or mobile computing.

11. Be a better leader and influencer

Be a better leader to yourself, to your marketing team, customers, and other people who are reached by your influence. Remember that marketing is about influencing people. Make your blog and social media pages, like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ more engaging by sharing inspiring, thought-provoking, and influential stories. Be a good role model.

12. Attract your customers

Learn how to capture the eyes of your target audience by implementing visual marketing using beautiful, interesting and influential images, videos, and infographics.

13. Capture your customers

Learn how to capture the busy minds of your customers by feeding them with the right marketing messages in the most efficient way. In other words, use minimalism or simplicity when marketing and advertising your products since it lets you deliver the exact information that your customers only want.

14. Touch your costumers

The only way to touch your customers’ heart is to show them love. Love your customers by making them feel special, appreciated and valued, not only as customers, but also as friends and families.

15. Transform your customers

Be a customer-oriented marketer rather than just a profit-oriented one. Create or promote products and solutions that will help your customers happy and live a better life. In other words, you need to have quality control on the products you will be producing or promoting.

16. Help your customers save money or spend money

Set the right prices according to your market segmentation. Give your customers a price that will save their money if you are targeting price-conscious consumers. On the other hand, give your customers a price that will challenge their money if you are targeting consumers who want to pay more.

17. Be a visionary

Be an innovator. Bring the future to the present. Create useful products and solutions for your customers even before they think and ask for them.

18. Remember that marketing is helping

Marketing is not only for making money and making a living, but it is for creating and bringing solutions that will help people’s lives become better. Remember that the best way to communicate, connect, and influence your customers is by helping them.

19. Do not stop learning marketing.

Grow your marketing knowledge, wisdom and understanding continuously. Read marketing books, follow marketing blogs, join marketing seminars, find a mentor, and do other practical ways to learn more about marketing.

20. Learn how to manage your marketing budget

Money and time are your fuel in marketing. You have to manage them wisely so that you won’t be wasting them.

21. Learn new marketing techniques

Don’t just be fundamental, but also be technical. Learn the latest marketing techniques, especially the latest in online marketing techniques, such as advanced search engine optimization and social media marketing.

22. Be both strategic and tactical

Think like a general who makes an overall strategy or master plan. Also know how to create tactics to execute your strategy in the market field. In other words, think like a general and move like a soldier in the battlefield.

23. Do not forget the basics and fundamentals.

Always carry with you the basics and fundamentals of marketing so that your decisions and actions will always have a foundation. Marketing fundamentals are the framework of marketing. They are the main roots and reasons why you do marketing. Marketing principles, like providing solutions and creating good relationships with customers are examples of those fundamentals. Remember that you cannot advance without the basic. So don’t forget them.

24. Improve your marketing styles

If you want to grow further as a marketer, improve your marketing styles. Your marketing style is the manner of how you do marketing. Are you doing it silently, smoothly, dirty or all-out? Whatever your style is, modify it in to something that will give you better results.

25. Be real

The nearer you are in the truth, the better marketer you are. Successful marketers earn the trust and confidence of their customers. They don’t need to lie and fool their customers. Therefore, have quality and excellence in your business so that you would be happy and excited to tell the truth about it.

26. Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Marketers are exposed to many data for analysis, such as their website’s statistics and lead generation rate. Watching how these data move can be very exciting to the point that they are already consuming too much time just watching them. This could lead to wasting time and could cause analysis paralysis. If you want to become a better marketer, you have to avoid that.

27. Learn how to collaborate

The marketing field is not all about competing with other marketers or businesses. There are times that it is best to cooperate with your competitors, especially if the market is too big. You can also make a collaboration with other marketers and businesses, whose products are better promoted when they are combined with yours.

28. Enjoy your job

Marketing is a wonderful and exciting world. There, you can use your creativity and unlimited ideas. If you want to become a better and more successful marketer, you have to realize the great things about marketing and appreciate them. The more you will enjoy your job, the more you will transform yourself to a better marketer.

Of course there are still many other ways to become a better marketer. You also have to find the best and more specific ways for a unique marketer like you. Finally, remember that even if you will find ways, you still have to walk on them to advance. Therefore, keep on moving and don’t give up on marketing.

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